You Lord

Do you take time to reflect on what you’ve read in God’s Word? One of my study tools, which aids in my connection and reflection of a passage, is to make it my own. 

I add words like I and my in place of your, their and our.  Psalm 17 spoke volumes to my heart and soul. While reading I felt a strong and immediate connection to the psalmist.  

Song lyrics from Big Daddy Weave’s Hold Me Jesus overtook my mind, and I began to compose my prayer from this Psalm.

Lord, please care for me as I cry. Father, listen to my prayer as I speak from the pure and honest depths of my soul. I have faced storms where You have tested my faith, and when I have called out to You, You have spoken in my dreams. Set my feet on Your firm foundation. Hold me steady so I do not fall. Bend Your ear to me Abba, and pour Your love upon me. Hold me close and protect me from the evil one. 

Oh dear Lord how I need You! I don’t want the treasures of this world dear Father. I am only satisfied in You.

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