You can’t see the manger without seeing the cross

Tonight, I have no long contemplated thoughts, or deep word study.  I come to you with the simple reality of the manger and the cross.

This Christmas, my time in God’s word has been far more substantial than any year previously.  Bible journaling stole my heart, and has led me to a much deeper relationship with our Lord.  Reality struck tonight as I found myself studying in the book of John.  We’ve talked recently about how scars are proof of healing, and how they identify us. Jesus walked out of the tomb very much alive, yet retained His scars for identity.  His scars are what allowed Thomas as others to recognize Him as the Risen Christ!image

However, in order to celebrate the birth of Jesus, we have to recognize His death.  He was sent to this world…born as a baby, to walk among us…common people.  He came to teach us, to lead us, to love us, and ultimately to die for us.  In order the celebrate the manger, we have to see the cross.  For one wouldn’t be so incredibly important to us without the other.

Just a little something to think on tonight.



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