When life gives you lemons…praise the King

lemonadeFresh squeezed lemons, mixed with a little sugar, ice cold water, and served over ice.  The perfect beverage for a warm summer day!  What happens when it isn’t a pretty summer day.  What happens when life gives you lemons?  I don’t know about you, but when life is quickly pelting me with pounds of hard lemons, the last thing I feel like taking time to do is gather the ingredients, and produce sugary lemon water.  To be perfectly honest, I’m the type girl who understands that a few lemons must fall into every person’s life.  However, when they start to bury me and weigh me down, I want to pick up those darn lemons and start chucking them at the very people who are making my life difficult!  My aim stinks, but I still feel the need to try to take someone out with those yellow balls of sourness.  Yep.  When life gives me lemons, I want to start chucking them at your head!  Duck!!  It’s more than she can take!  She’s going to bounce one of those lemons off someone’s noggin!  Better yet, get me a lemon launching air gun!  Ummm….Apparently I have a little pent up aggression toward the lemons of life.

All kidding aside, the lemons of life can truly weight a person down.  The emotional, worrisome, hair pulling events of life can easily become more than a person can handle.  Boy have I learned that in the past several weeks!  I went from sassy, content, small business, wife and mother to a lemon chucking crazy woman in just 24 hours!  It simply took one phone call from my Momma to sound the alarms of distress and to shake my sweet lemon pie life up into chaos!  Suddenly I found myself trying to find the right airfare.  Took a lemon to the head there!  Why should anyone have to fly all the way to Detroit, to then turn around and fly back down to Chicago?  Lemon craziness!!  Then, the rental car gig.  They nickel and dime you to pieces!  Lemon!  Then, making my way to the hospital wonder what on earth I was about to walk into…lemon!  Trying to find parking at the hospital.  That one brought on a heap of lemons!  Seriously!!  You get the picture.  Each step of my life seemed to be accompanied by a lemon.  Those puppies hurt!  They can leave lemon size bruises!!   Then, the biggest lemon of all hit me!  This was the biggest, baddest lemon I’ve ever encountered.  Able to take over major cities in one tart swoop!  Where was my faith?  OUCH!!

LemonsFaith in God is what I’m all about.  Trusting Him in all circumstances in my life is my mantra.  So why, when the lemons started flying, did I not stop and seek him?  Why didn’t I stop trying to do it all on my own, and start trusting him?  I feel like such a lemon head!  You see, I think down deep in my very being I was trusting God.  When the flight I was searching for, but couldn’t seem to find appeared on my monitor after I refreshed it, I thanked God for providing it.  I’m sad to say though, I didn’t depend on him to provide it.  See the difference there?  I never sat down and prayed, “Lord, please provide all of my travel needs.”  Nope, I just started doing the flight of the bumble bee.  I put myself on auto pilot rather than God pilot.  Even then.  Even when I didn’t ask him to take care of me, he did!  That deserves some praise my sisters!

Flights, rental cars, and parking places truly were the least of the concerns I had while dealing with Dad’s failing health, and all that it involves.  Yet, even though they weren’t the big things in life, God still took care of them for me.  Y’all, you don’t want to miss this part.  He takes care of EVERYTHING!  Big, little, round, square, near, or far…everything.  God will take care of it all if we just have faith.  Instead of sitting and talking about how big my mountain of life’s lemons has become, why am I not discussing how much bigger my God is?  He truly took care of every need I had while dealing with this most recent lemony situation.  AND…he will continue to take care of everything.  It’s for that reason that I choose to praise him in the storms, in the piles of lemons, and everyplace in between!


Today was a difficult day.  I had worry on my heart and mind as Momma had called with a few “road bumps” that had occurred since I left a couple of days ago.  You know what God did?  He reminded me of Psalm 46:1.  He told me that no matter how many lemons I have to dodge in my life.  No matter how buried under them I may feel, He is my refuge and my strength.  He is a very present help in time of need.  Because of this, I can’t help but worship my Lord.  I must praise the King, because he is all I need.  He can be that for you too!

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