What is Conscious Communion?

Yes, I am a book geek. Even in this age of digital media and paperless books, I’d much rather have a paper book in my hand that I can touch and smell. See…only book geeks smell their books! I love to flip pages, write notes in the margins, and highlight. I truly cannot read a book without being able to make notes in it, or at least accompany the read with a notebook.

Recently, I began reading A.W. Tozer’s The Pursuit of God. As I flipped the pages, multitudes of beautiful realizations danced off of the pages at me. This particular one produced a degree of conviction in my heart. Or in laywomen’s terms, it stepped on my toes a bit.

The words conscious communion found their way into my notebook. Over and over I could hear the words echoing in my mind. I went back to the page to read and reread what Tozer had to say. The reality is, he said very little, however God would speak to my soul through those two words.

When I study, I like to break down words. Yep…English geek and book geek apparently hold hands in my life. I am both! So there I was with my notebook and those two words followed by an overwhelming desire to better understand the meaning.

Conscious means to be fully aware. Communion means the sharing or exchanging of intimate thoughts and feelings. That’s when the toe stomping began. God provided me the realization that I must completely participate in conscious communion with Him each day.

Guess what? I wasn’t doing that. No, I was quick to pray for needs and to offer up praise for the blessings He poured upon me. What I didn’t do was come to Him fully aware of my need to share my most intimate thoughts and feelings with God. I wasn’t embracing His presence in my life like I would my best friend.

I realized the question for myself was, do I feel a yearning for the presence of God? Do I consciously speak to Him about my hearts desires, my happy moments, my frustration in line at the bank, or the heartache I was feeling when someone said something hurtful to me? The answer was obviously no.

That’s when I began to realize that I need to change my patterns and my relationships. When I feel a desire to pick up the phone and call a friend, or shoot off a quick text about something that is on my mind, I need to first share it with God.

God tells me in John 15:14-15 that I am a friend of His. Being a friend means that I communicate with Him not only when I have a need or a complaint, but about daily life. It’s time for me to learn to sit down with God over a cup of coffee and to share what’s happening in life. Yes, He already knows it all. But He still desires to hear from me. He desires to help me sort through my thoughts or my crazy plans to try to organize my clutter. He desires to be included in every part of my life.

So dear one, are you making it a point to have conscience communion with God? Are you completely participating in life with God? Do you yearn to feel experience His mighty presence in your life every moment of every day? It’s time to learn to change the way we see God. He’s not just the mighty Creator of the Universe. He is our friend, and He desires that friend relationship with you. Conscious Communion. That’s what it’s all about.

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