Under Fire

I’ve been “under fire” in a major life’s storm for several months now. For a very long time, I focused my need for God to calm the storm. I was tired, battered, bruised, and ultimately broken by the end, yet never took time to consider the conditions that brought about such a cyclone. 
I looked at the person or people whose actions created the turmoil, but until tonight, I had not considered the root of the storm…sin. And it wasn’t just their sin, it’s is my sin too. The greatest blessing from having survived the violent winds and waves that pounded my life is that my endurance…persistence to survive, and drive to trust God to get me safely to shore will be rewarded by Him.  
My faith has grown, my trust in God to be my life-line is stronger than ever before, and my crown in heaven will show the reward of my commitment to the finish line…God’s finish line for me. Yes, there will be more storms in my life, for while in the flesh, I battle against sinful temptation. Yet while in this race called life, the storms will refine my character and teach me to walk a little more like JESUS each day.

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