Time to ponder time

imageI find myself snuggled into bed tonight and thinking about time. Old songs flood my memory. Time in a bottle, time ticking away, and even too much time on my hands pound rhythmically in my mind. What is it about time? It’s drives our lives. Time to wake up, to be at work, and to meet someone for an appointment. Frustration when our time is wasted, and even the desire to turn back time. It’s interesting to me that God doesn’t operate in our sense of time. He was without day and night…time…until he created the earth. God created time.

In Ecclesiastes 3:1, God tell us that “there is a time for everything…” There is time for laughing and crying. Time for living and for dying. Time…joyful times seem to never last long enough. Hurtful times seem to last forever. A moment in time can change our lives. God planned time.

During the present time in my life, I am learning to depend on God more than ever before. I’m finding that time away from my husband and son while helping my parents seems to linger. I long for the time when I can smell my husband’s deodorant again, and the time when my son pats me on the head. Yep, the time has come where the kiddo is much bigger than me, and he loves to play it up. Sometimes, time is fleeting. Sometimes I beg God for more time. In all of these instances, God says…each and every thing in this early life will have a time.

Tonight I’m learning to embrace time…God’s time. I realize I have no idea how long this wilderness must be endured, nor how long the view from the mountain top may last. I do however know that because God promises us in his word that there is a time for everything in this life, that his time is perfect.

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