The heartbeat of God


being stillDeeply breathing in and out. Intentionally relaxing with each breath I take. I feel the stress drip from my fingertips. As I study God’s Word tonight, He speaks to me. It’s not an audible voice for others to hear. Rather, it’s a raining of the Holy Spirit that pours over me. It showers me, gently rinsing away all of the haves and the have nots from the day.  

Oh how I desire a closeness with the Lord. Abba, it has been a long day.  Talk with me Abba.  Hug me and let me feel your heartbeat dear Father.

He then speaks to me. I hear a small voice from deep with saying, “Dear child, you must be still long enough to rest your soul against Mine.  Only then will you feel the beating of My heart.”  

Do you desire to feel His presence?  Be still dear Ones, be still.

Psalm 46:10 “Be Still, and Know that I AM God…”

4 thoughts on “The heartbeat of God

  1. Sherry Pope says:

    Tonya, this really ministered to me. “Be still” is one of my favorite verses. Would it be OK with you if I shared your post with my Bible Study Group of women?
    Thank you!!!


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