Thank you for snores Father God.

12006823_10207400408471579_64998849_oWhen is the last time when you intentionally slowed down enough to linger over something beautiful?  Have you stopped lately to watch the little children play?  I’m not talking about telling them how to do something, or redirecting them, I mean stopping to watch their little faces light up with excitement, or that look of determination some get when they are learning a new task.  What about taking time to bask in the beauty of the sunshine, and the heat of an Indian Summer day so very welcome after several chilly fall days?  When is the last time you stopped and smelled your coffee or tea, allowing that beautiful fragrance to take you away to a treasured memory.  Beautiful, quite, lingering.  Now, when is the last time you lingered over God’s word?  When is the last time you lingered in prayer…communicating with the Father at length, and relishing each and every moment?

In this crazy, mixed up world, we seem to have become so busy that we never slow down to enjoy the beauty that surrounds us.  If you’re a parent or grandparent, when is the last time you slowed down and enjoyed the beautiful peaceful face of a sleeping child?  Do you remember days of lingering at the door and watching their sweet bodies as they breath in and then out?  Tiny little miracles, resting in the innocence God created.

Nighttime is my favorite time of day to curl up in bed with God’s love letter to me, and contemplate all that He has for me.  I’m a bit of a night owl since I battle chronic pain, which seems to regularly chase my sleep away.  So, I embrace that time.  Rather than argue with my body, I use that time to linger.  I read God’s word, I mull it over in my mind, I pray and talk to God, and I slow down to hear from Him.  He has much to say when we linger long enough to hear him.

Curled up in bed next to my sleeping husband,  I consider Jesus.  Often, I look at my husband’s sweet face as he sleeps.  I thank God for that man every day.  He has a cute little nose, and even though we are getting older, I still see signs of our youth around his handsome features.  I’m thankful for that man.  I’m even thankful for his snoring!  Why?  Because I realize that life truly is a vapor.  God doesn’t promise us tomorrow.  It is a gift.  In a blink, that vapor can disappear, and life will change forever.  James 4:14 says, “whereas you do not know what will happen tomorrow. For what is your life? It is even a vapor that appears for a little time and then vanishes away.”  We aren’t promised tomorrow dear sister.  Each tomorrow is a blessing…a gift, directly from God.  I truly cherish my husband, and the love that he demonstrates each day for our son and for me.  His snoring is music to my ears as I am reminded that he is beside me.

I didn’t always feel that way about the hubby’s snoring.  Nope!  There was a time when it made me crazy to lay in bed listening to the freight train to sleepy land.  Then, one night while I was reading, and the hubby was snoring, the snoring stopped.  Now that has happened plenty of times before, but this time, the Lord brought it to my attention.  I had a mini panic attack as it became silent in our room.  It was then that I looked to see if his side was moving up and down with his breath.  It didn’t look like it was moving.  I immediately prayed for the Lord to let my husband be alright.  I then reached my hand over and gently lay it on his side.  I could feel him breathing.  Thank you Lord!  The snoring began again shortly after that moment of fear left my body.  It was that day that I told the Lord I would cherish every moment I have with my husband, snoring or not.  That night, God taught me to take time to linger…to watch him sleep, and to thank God for the blessing He provided me in a loving spouse.

Lingering to watch the children, lingering to appreciate nature, and to take in the beauty of our families.  We should do the same with God’s word.  Linger over that piece of scripture that you are reading today.  What about the one you saw on social media that caught your attention.  You quickly shared it out to friends, or read it and smiled, then rushed to the next thing.  Quickly what stood out to you is lost because life is running at warp speed.  What did you miss by not taking time to linger over that message?  What blessing did you miss today by not stopping to enjoy even the simplest things in life?

Dear sister, don’t miss all that God has for you.  Don’t miss the messages He has for you, and the miracles that He is performing all around you.  Slow down, linger, read God’s word, consider what it says, think of How it is relevant to your life.  When you take time to linger over all God has to say to you, you will never again miss a miracle.  Even if it’s your husband snoring.


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