Stand Still!!

Stand Still“Stand still and consider the wondrous works of God.” (Job 37:14) I’m in the calm quiet of our home after my husband has gone to sleep. Tonight, I am still…listening…considering.

I hear Wesley’s snore that comes from exhaustion after a long day at work. Thank you Lord for your provisions. The thunder is rumbling, and lightning illuminates our once dark room. I consider the power of God. He spoke this world into existence. He created thunder and lightening. The amazing power of a storm can’t begin to compare to the power of our Lord.

Shhhhhh. Be still and consider. I hear a faint meow of one of God’s creatures. Sweet soft feline friends stalking one another playfully in the night. The pitter patter of kitty feet running on wood floors. I shift as I’m laying in bed, and hear the grumble of a sweet sleeping dog. God created her too. I stroke her soft coat. Be still and consider.

The air conditioner is running. Thank you Lord for a safe place to live. You provide us with such beauty in which we spend our time. Comfortable, safe, dry, and filled with joy from the blessings you pour out upon us. I remember times of this home being filled with people…friends, students, children of God for whom we pray felt the love of the Lord while in this place.

Thunder again rumbles, and the lightening boldly ignites the night sky. The sound of the rain pounding against the windows of our home reminds me of the storms in my life. The battles I have faced and won, and those I continue to fight. Success or defeat doesn’t come from my own power, but from the power of the Lord. Only in Him can I overcome the raging seas of this life.

The lightening flashes with mighty intensity and the thunder loudly claps. God, you are greater than any storm I may face. Thank you for your wondrous works.

One thought on “Stand Still!!

  1. Judi says:

    Hi Tonya
    My thoughts are with you and I think of you daily as you enter different stages of disease and the onslaught of all you must endure. I read every post you put out and I am sure you know that those of us who also suffer from auto-immune diseases appreciate how well you communicate your feelings. I know that even this morning as I read I can feel your emotion and gratefulness to our wonderful Lord God. I have M.S. among several other conditions and yesterday my doctor told me she was referring me to a surgeon for a condition called recto-vaginal fistula (she found two fistulas), and this morning I felt really blessed to read about your storms, both body and a storm during the night with lightning etc. It is a comfort to me to listen to your own trials and to know that we are never alone, please know that you are in my thoughts both daily and prayer. I have told my husband about your own condition and the many trials we have in common, it is for that reason that I think of you daily and print off all of your postings. Thank you Tonya for continuing to talk about your own trials and being a blessing to those of us who are walking (even with a cane) right along beside you. You are in my prayers and I hope you will continue to update, as long as you feel up to it.
    A sister in Christ

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