Stand Firm

Have FHebrews 11:1aith.  Two simple words we hear often, yet I think are truly misunderstood.  I absolutely love studying God’s word through Bible journaling.  It’s a opportunity for me to artistically connect with the Lord, and to better understand what He says in His word. This particular form of practice isn’t for everyone, but for me…I fall deeper in love with what God has to say, and I crave a much greater understanding of those words.

How often in our daily lives do people tell us to have faith?  Typically it is a person advising us to have faith in them.  Trust is the capacity in which faith appears most frequently used.  However in my more recent studies, having “faith” took on a new meaning.

Y’all will learn, if you haven’t already, that I absolutely adore word studies.  One of my favorite ways to cultivate a deeper understanding of the scripture I am reading is to look up definitions of key words, and then to examine synonyms.  While faith is a word so commonly used, I don’t think I had ever considered a need for looking up the meaning. Yet, the Lord prompted me during study to do just that and more.  My study verse was Hebrews 11:1.  

“Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.”  Seems pretty simple right?  Well, let’s go deeper!  

Faith is a firm foundation, and hope.  Faith leads to a greater understanding, obedience, becoming blessed, sacrifice, confidence, patience and strength.  

When you look at faith as being a firm foundation, and being your hope, it makes sense that we wouldn’t want to live life without faith.  Everyone desires a firm foundation, and who on earth would want to live without hope?  If you need hope, than you need faith to get you there.

Hebrews 11 FAITHHebrews 11:1 says, “Now faith is the substance…”.  What does substance really mean? How does substance play a roll in my having hope through faith?  I decided to look at different versions of the Bible to survey which words were used in place of substance. The New American Standard Bible uses “assurance”.  Assurance means a promise of security or a guarantee.  The Amplified Bible refers to substance as confirmation.  The English Standard Version references substance as conviction.  Conviction refers to assurance.  Finally, the New International Version states confidence in place of substance. After evaluating what substance means in many other versions, it appears that faith is a guarantee or the security of things hoped for.  

Suddenly, the idea of faith becomes reality through hope.  The New Living Translation seems to state Hebrews 11:1 best.  “Faith shows the reality of what we hoped for; it is the evidence of things we cannot see.”  Evidence is proof.  So, let’s pull the concept in this verse together.  My faith becomes real in in the things I have hoped for coming to fruition;  it is the proof of what I cannot see.  Faith is proof.  

Do you have faith in God dear Sister?  Do you believe His Word, and what He says to you within those pages?  Well deal One, then you faith provides you hope.  Hope of an eternal life with God.  That faith life that you live, is the very proof for all to see of what they cannot see.  Are you living like Jesus?  Well, then your faith life shows others the proof that Jesus is reality.  You faith life shows God that you believe Him.  You trust our Lord, and one day dear One, your faith will be rewarded by living in His mighty promises.  

Keep the faith dear Sister, while you may not see the face and bodily shape of God each day…you see proof of Him through every prayer He answers each day of your life.  


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