SOAK in the Word

Bible Study has become such an immense part of my life that I can’t help but get excited and want to share it! I look forward to my quiet time each day when I can read, study and talk with the Lord. For many years now, I have utilized the SOAK (also known as SOAP) Bible Study method.

SOAK stands for scripture, observation, application and kneel. The process it quite simple, and yet it produces deep meditations of the heart. S or Scripture calls for you to write the scripture you are studying in your own handwriting. Writing provides a study method where you more easily remember what you have read because you have written it out.  For some this may be several verses. For others, this may be just one verse. Whatever it may be, write it out.

Observation is characterized by the things that reading and writing the scripture bring to your mind. Maybe a word jumps out at you and you choose to look up the definition. Or possibly a song lyric comes to mind. Sometimes when we read scripture it generates questions in our minds; or even brings about images of colors, places and emotions. All of these things can be considered observations. Writing them out allows you to ponder them and to make a record of what ever came to you mind.

Application then becomes the way that you can personalize the scripture and apply it to your life. Does the scripture provide you with a command you need to follow? Is there a behavior change that needs to be generated as a result of the scripture? Ask yourself the question, “How can I apply this scripture to my life?” Then pen your response.

Finally Kneel in prayer. When you study scripture, prayer should be a final phase of understanding the verse or passage. Maybe God is speaking to your heart and you need to talk to Him about it. Maybe you are confused by what you’ve read and you seek His clarity. Whatever you feel you need to talk to God about becomes what you want to write down as your prayer. This act also allows you to look back over your study times and to see where God has answered prayers.

Here is a FREE downloadable SOAK study page for you. Print it out and use it as a guide for your study time. I pray this helps you deepen your study in God’s world.


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