So let’s eat popsicles

It’s been over a month since I have been able to write a post.  First recovering from cervical spinal fusion surgery, and then trying to recover from what is happening in the world around me.  Several times I have written posts, and could not bring myself to publish them.  I feared that my passion and perspective could bring about degrading debates, and I most certainly do not desire that.  No, the world around me is broken, and I fear we are becoming numb to all of the pain.  So tonight, as my heart aches, all I can do is look back on my childhood and think about popsicles.  Yes, I said popsicles.

When I was a kid and times were difficult, Mom always had popsicles for us to share with friends.  They weren’t fancy or elaborate.  Just the plain old narrow plastic tube filled will colored and flavored water and frozen.  Back then popsicles could change the world. They made scraped knees less painful (after she sprayed that horrible, stinging spray all over them).  They mended broken hearts, and sore throats.  They allowed new friendships to bond, and old ones to be strengthened. When all else failed, Mom broke out the popsicles.

Tonight as I attempt to pull my thoughts together about all that has gone on in American during the past month, I find myself wishing I could share popsicles with everyone.  This world is in deep trouble.  Places of worship are no longer safe.  Places to dance and celebrate with friends have become battlegrounds.  Police officers are being massacred, skin color is fueling fire and division, and the world is on edge…waiting for someone to make the next wrong move. Politicians are lying, courts are letting criminals walk free, and anyone who is different has become a target.  Our Constitution is under fire, our free nation in a shambles, and yet…by the grace and mercy of God, we are still here and breathing.

People of all races, parents, spouses, husbands, wives, mothers, fathers and children…everyone is hurting in so many ways.  I can pray…and most certainly have.  I can cry out to the Lord, and will continue to do so, and yet I feel so helpless.  Oh dear Lord, we need you!  Our nation needs our Savior.  Then, that thought comes to my mind…popsicles.  In a world so broken and pained, what might possibly change if we all stopped for a moment and shared a simple popsicle with our neighbor.  What would happen if for a few short moments we stopped blaming and started caring about those who are hurting.  What would happen if we simply sat down with the person beside us, and shared a hug and a popsicle.

—For when we were at our weakest, Christ died for us.  Romans 5:8—

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