Resurrection Power! Wow!

I just can’t stop reading Romans 1:4… “declared to be the Son of God with power…by the resurrection from the dead.” Power! Resurrection Power!
Jesus, the Son of God, who calls me His friend, who saved me from death is filled with the power of the resurrection!
The power that it must have taken to fully heal, transform the human body, and resurrect Jesus from the dead…I am Overwhelmed by that thought.

That amount of power so substantial that simply touching the hem of His garment could heal a woman. The power of the very voice of Jesus telling Lazarus to get up after being dead several days! That power!

Even more amazing is that my Jesus, my power filled Jesus, loves me! He walks beside me! He desires to know me! That same power of the mighty God who called Paul do be an apostle so long ago, calls me to do the very same! I can’t help but shout WOW!

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