Rejoice Greatly…even in the storms

1 Peter 1:6-7God led me to 1 Peter 1:6-7 tonight. Oh how applicable this scripture is during this season of my life. I’m facing storms…trials in my life, but God tells me that I must rejoice. Not just a little rejoicing either, but GREATLY REJOICE!

I find myself feeling tossed and turned in the storms of this life, but God tells me to GREATLY REJOICE. Why? Because I will face trials that grieve my heart. Trials that make me drop to my knees in prayer…calling out to my Heavenly Father to save me. Then He promises me that the storms of this life…the trials are temporary, but my salvation is forever. It is for this reason that even in the storms I must GREATLY REJOICE. These trials, the storms of my life, are only for a little while, but my salvation in Christ Jesus is forever!

God goes on to tell me in verse 7 that with a true faith, a genuine faith, I am more precious than gold. Gold will perish when it is touched by the fire of this life, but my faith will never melt away, nor will my salvation. Even when I feel like I will melt away…consumed for the fiery storms of this life, because Jesus is my savior, I will be safe. He saved me the day I called to Him and asked Him into my heart, and He will never let me go.

Now that is a reason to GREATLY REJOICE even in the darkest of storms and in the highest of flames.

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