Power, Strength, and Renewal

Isaiah 40:31Power, strength, dominion, expectation, and ascension.  These are big words that are often spoken by individuals clamoring to climb their way to the top of the corporate ladder. How often do we speak of the excitement that comes with increased authority, as someone makes that rise to the top?  So, how on earth could these same mighty words apply to the frail and feeble who occupy our earth.  Oh dear Sister, those words apply to the weak and weary because our God says they do!  

As I spent my Bible study time today in Isaiah 40:29-31 I expected to see nothing new. This is my life verse.  I know it inside and out, so why would I need to meditate on it? As I began to once again read this message, I felt my Father’s urging to take a deeper look at the meaning of some key words that make up this passage.

Let me back up for a second, and fill you in on why this passage means so very much to me.  All of my life, I’ve been the weakling.  For many years, I was the frail…broken and barely healing girl, wrought with emotional damage.  I had been beaten down so much over the years, that my heart and soul truly believed I was weak.  I thought I could accomplish nothing of importance, because I had no confidence in myself…and for many years, I lacked that confidence in the Lord as well.

Over time, my broken heart and soul healed from the emotional carnage.  I started to find some strength again when my physical body began to fail.  Weakness and frailty no longer existed in my heart and soul, yet it overtook my frame and muscles.  There I was again, weak…powerless, broken, and needing strength.  It was during the initial stages of my physical decline that I sought the Lord, and asked Him to show me why. Why Lord?  Why is it that once my broken soul is finally healed, that my physical body must now fail.  How am I supposed to accomplish Your plans for me if I am a fragile weakling?  It was then that the Lord gave me Isaiah 40:29-31 as a reminder of His promise for me.  

“He gives power to the weak,

And to those who have no might He increases strength.

Even the youths shall faint and be weary,

And the young men shall utterly fall,

But those who wait on the Lord

Shall renew their strength;

They shall mount up with wings like eagles,

They shall run and not be weary,

They shall walk and not fear.”

What a mighty promise the Lord provided me. He provides it for you too! Power, strength, and for this girl, the idea of not being exhausted; now that was something I desired to hold onto with all of my might. Even though I’ve studied this passage over and over again, the Lord urged me to look deeper tonight.  To look with a different set of eyes…to see an even greater meaning.  It was then that I summoned my friend Mr. Webster!  Yep…hello dictionary!

Word Studies from Isaiah 40:29-31I created columns with the words Creator, Everlasting, Power, and Weak atop a soon to be created list of meanings. How synonyms were going to change the meaning of this passage, I certainly had no idea, oh but dear Sister, they did.

I looked first at Creator…Elohim.  Creator God, personal, provider of power.  He is: author, father, initiator, inventor, and formulator.  Author, Creator and Father…those are all words frequently used to describe God.  Initiator…that one made me think a bit.  Our all mighty God is the initiator of the world.  He formulated what He desired His creation to be, and then initiated the building…creating of the world just exactly as He had planned.  Our Father is the almighty architect of the universe!  

Next, I looked at Everlasting.  That’s a word that we as Christians throw around a lot. We all know it means forever right?  What more is there to the concept of everlasting? I scrolled through the words on my screen.  Continuous, deathless, immortal, eternal, persistent, unbroken, and uninterrupted are all synonymous with everlasting.  As I looked over the list, persistent jumped out at me.  Why?  Because I’m so thankful our God is persistent!  Y’all, He pursues each of us with a mighty passion. He desires a relationship with us, and His pursuit of us does not end until our time on this earth stops.  Thank you for persistently pursuing me Lord!  

My appreciation for God for a broader understanding of God did not stop with persistent.  “Uninterrupted” also overtook my mind.  His love, pursuit, grace, mercy, and greatness are uninterrupted.  There is never a moment in time when the Lord says, “You’ll have to hand on a second Kiddo.  I’m busy.”  Never do we get His voicemail, or knock on an unanswered door.  God’s phone does not ring in the middle of our conversations causing Him to excuse Himself.  No!  Our God, continually hears, works, and moves in our lives.  

It then crossed my mind how uninterrupted our God truly is.  Even on the day when His son, Jesus Christ died on that cross, God didn’t stop being God.  He didn’t need to take those three days Jesus was in the grave out of the throne room to mourn.  Nope y’all! God knew that Jesus would awaken in three days, and He continued His mighty works as His Son was being transformed in that tomb.

Then, the word “power” was ready for my research.  Power means:  authority, might, control, command, dominion and reign.  It was this word that finally allowed me an even greater understanding of Isaiah 40:31.  Power allowed me to grasp this passage with even greater excitement than I had over the years.  I found a brand new meaning!

“But those who wait on the Lord

Shall renew their strength;

They shall mount up with wings like eagles,

They shall run and not be weary,

They shall walk and not fear.”

In my simple mind, I now hold onto this great reality.  When we remain in faith with mighty expectation that the Lord will return, the Lord will one day renew us.  He gives us the authority, as a child of the One True King, to declare His Truth!  One day, the Lord will equip us with mighty wings like those of the majestic and powerful eagle.  We will ascend to the heavens for eternal life in fellowship and worship with our King.  No longer will we run, and be frail.  No, when this time comes, we will walk, and never faint. Why?  Because Our all mighty God…”the Creator of the ends of the earth, neither faints now is weary” according to Isaiah 40:28.  Since we are made in God’s image, as a reflection of Him, we too one day will mirror our Lord with strength, and authority as we sit at His feet for eternity.  

Be Bold in ChristDear Sister, there is amazing authority in those promises from God!  Claim ownership in that promise!  He is coming back for you…for me!  And when He does dear One, He will renew our strength.  It is then that we will never be weary, weak and feeble again. We will have mighty strength in the name of our all mighty God!

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