Playing with the box

How often do we see our little ones Christmas morning playing with the box rather than the gift? There we were standing in long lines, battling the crowds, paying top dollar for a toy that they so desperately “needed”, only to discover them playing with the box.

There is some degree of frustration that occurs for every parents when the box takes on greater value than the toy. There it is, what we worked for, pushed aside…discarded and ignored. Such an act is typically met by a sleep deprived parent sipping coffee, and tossing in a flippant retort of how she should have just saved the money and gave the child a box.

The item of value was lost. Ignored. Ultimately worthless.

As I studied Galatians 2 tonight my eyes were opened as to how man has done the same thing with the beauty, and mercy of Christ’s crucifixion. Paul writes about how we have been crucified with Christ, and that we must not longer life as we once did. Christ died a physical death, and we must die a spiritual one. By doing so, we empty our souls of ourselves and open up space for the Holy Spirit to reside. This is a mighty gift of grace direct for God.

It’s when we fail to embrace Christ’s gift of grace…when we push aside the gift and ultimately ignore it, that it becomes meaningless. That’s right, let that sink in for a second. If we simply push aside and ignore the grace of God’s gift, the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ Jesus, we make His death meaningless.

Dear Lord, please allow me never to forget for a single moment the beauty of the gift of life you have given me through Christ Jesus. Let me never fail to see the grace that was poured out as my Savior died on that tree. His death, and His life mean all of the world to me. Thank you God for grace.

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