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Pick MePick me!  Pick me!  How often do you find yourself wanting to win something?  To be chosen is a desire we all have.  I can’t tell you how many of those Facebook like, comment and share contests I participate in on a weekly basis.  I want to win something!  I desire to be selected…chosen…set apart from the crowd.  Don’t we all desire to be called out for something special?  

Tonight I was spending time preparing for an upcoming Bible study I will be leading. I’m always looking for special direction from the Lord regarding what He wants me to share. Tonight, God’s message hit me like a ton of bricks!  He is continually reinforcing that I need to embrace who He created me to be.  It’s a recurring theme this year.

The awesome thing about Him reminding me of who I am, is that it leads me to teach other women about embracing who God created them to be.  Even more exciting is that He leads me to these truths over and over again. I’m assuming His repeat messages are because my Father knows how hard-headed I can be.  How easily I can slip into the feelings of being worthless, and useless.  So, He reminds me over and over that I need to ignore the words of the enemy, and embrace the truths from the King.

Isaish 43:10Isaiah 43:10 says, ” ‘You are My witnesses,” says the Lord,“And My servant whom I have chosen, That you may know and believe Me…” ‘.  Does it jump out at you yet? You are CHOSEN by God!  He clearly says that He chose us.  What’s even more exciting is that He chose us because He wants us to know Him, and then to believe all that He has said and done.  I just sat rolling it over and over again in my mind.  Y’all, God desires for me to know Him. He doesn’t stop there.  He also wants me to believe Him…to believe His word, and to believe His truth.  

Have you ever wanted someone to know and believe you?  You know…yearning that a person will know your heart.  You desire that they realize you are true, real, and that whatever you say can be taken to the bank.  What about when people don’t believe you?  How does it feel when someone questions whether you are telling the truth.  Until tonight, I never considered that it hurts the heart of God when we don’t trust and believe His word. 

It was the realization of God’s desire for me to know and believe Him that made me feel closer to Him as a person.  I know sometimes God is so large, so omniscient and omnipresent, that I fail to remember that He is like you and I.  Remember, “So God created human beings in his own image. In the image of God he created them; male and female he created them.” Genesis 1:27.  God created you and me in His image. As a reflection of Him.  You and I are mirror images of Him!  Y’all, that’s so hard to wrap my head around.  He created you and me with the intention that we would reflect him. While He is a great big God, He is also an intimate, personal, relational God. Oh, dear Sister, God did not stop at simply creating us.  He created us to be His chosen ones. He created us with the desire for a relationship. He created us to be a witness.

Witness, that’s an interesting word. Consider the meaning of witness. Mr. Webster says that a witness is someone who will, “testify; give or afford evidence”. That witness can give testimony because she saw something happen. What have you seen God do dear Sister?  Have you seen Him in action in your life? Have you seen Him provide for you? What about answer a prayer? Y’all, our God goes so far as to provide answers, miracles, love, mercy, education…when we don’t even know what we need. Oh dear Sister, He does!  I can bear witness to that.  I’ve seen it clearly in my own life.  Have you?

As I watched a video clip to continue to my study, Beth Moore said something that truly hit home for me.  Yep y’all, those tons of bricks just keep falling on me tonight!  “When was the last time you had such an undeniable encounter with the Lord that life couldn’t possibly go back to normal?” Think about that for a minute. When was the last time that you allowed God to change your life…your way of thinking, or even the path you are driving?  So much so that life as you knew it would never be the same.  

See, it goes back to embracing that we are chosen.  God desires a relationship with us. He desires that we will get to know Him, that we will believe what He says, and trust Him beyond measure.  Oh dear Sister, it’s then…when we are willing to spend time with God…that He shows up and shows out!  He will provide an encounter with you that is undeniably provided by God.  No other could possible do what God has done.  There’s no amount of “good luck” or “coincidence” that can explain what only God can do.  

So here we sit dear Sister.  You and I, thinking about the greatness of God.  We are chosen.  He desires a relationship with us.  He wants us to know His truth.  He shows up for us.  Here’s the key He provided me tonight.  I will totally miss all that God desires to do in my life if I don’t seek Him with expectation.  Thinking

Y’all, if we sit back expecting that God won’t hear our prayers, that He won’t take time to be with us, or that He doesn’t want us…our negativity will create blinders.  Our eyes will be covered and our hearts will be closed to all that He can and will do in our lives.  I don’t want to miss one moment…one millisecond of what God has planned for my life. Y’all, we don’t have to stand over to the side liking, commenting, jumping up and down, or just hoping that He will recognize us.  No dear Sister…God chose us!  And that my dear…that should be enough to change your life.  I know it has changed mine.



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    • Tonya Andrews says:

      Thank you for joining me Pearl! I’m so thankful that my experiences bring joy in Christ to others. To God be the glory for ALL things!

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