Out of the Darkness

It was in the early morning hours, before the stars found rest from their nights work, that our beautiful American was once again brutally attacked.  Praise God it was not on the scale of a previous attack only 15 short years ago, but it was an attack none the less.  One against our sons, and daughters…friends, and co-workers, acquaintances…quite simply, fellow Americans.  Once again, our young country was shaken.

By now, unless you live in a hobbit hole, you are aware that Orlando, Florida’s community was shaken by a terrorist in the twilight hours of a Sunday morning one week ago.  These victims were children put on this earth by a mighty God.  A mighty God who is willing to save us all from sin.  My sin is no different from theirs. It is simply called by a different name.  Yet I am forgiven because Jesus died for me.  They too found salvation if they claimed Christ as their Savior.  Still…the world poured out it’s unfair judgement upon them.  When will people realize that those men and women were no different from you and I.

In those horrible hours while those children were under fire.  God’s children were under fire by a man who though he was greater than all.  By a man who claimed his ways were greater than any other.  He was wrong. Only God is greater than all.  Only He will meet us at our lowest point, and through our crying out to Him for mercy, grace, and salvation will He forgive our sins and change our lives forever.  Only Jesus can save.

Job 22:30I’m not sure why people feel that because they sin differently we are in some way better than another.  That is not what God tells us.  He tells us clearly in John 3:16 “For all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.”  All is fully encompassing…inclusive. So, when God tells us in Job 22:30, “Even sinners will be rescued; they will be rescued because your hands are pure.” God means what He says.  If we proclaim Him as Lord, Christ as Savior, and repent of our sins…truly seeking God’s forgiveness, we are rescued.  We dear friends, become pure.  Covered by the blood of Jesus.

I pray that those lives that were lost each knew Christ as their Savior.  I pray that if they walked into that place not one of His children, they would claim Him as theirs if even with their last breath.  For then, like the thief on the cross, they would be with Him in paradise.

My son spoke words to me tonight that continue to resonate within my spirit.  “Mom, I no longer want to consider myself a Christian.  Christians are hypocrites.  I consider myself a follower of Jesus.  A son of the King. ”  Dear One, let us choose to love like Jesus loved during these trying times.  Stop judging how others sin, and start loving one another in spite of sin.

I leave you with this thought.  If Jesus were in Orlando on that Saturday night and He was aware of the people in the club, where would He have been?  He would have been right there!  He would have been sharing the love of almighty God with the lost!  Matthew 11: 16-19 tells us that Jesus is a friend of sinners. Not because He condones their behavior, but because He loves them in spite of their sins.  Y’all, it’s time to stop being Christian hypocrites, and start living like Jesus.  Love like Jesus loved, and then “ By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.” John 13:35

They will know Him by our love.



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