More Than You Could Ever Imagine

imageWe’ve been on quite a journey here recently.  Bricks, bricks, and more bricks.  Then, there was the battle, followed by a huge dose of forgiveness.  It’s been amazing to sit back the past few days, and watch all that the Lord is doing in my life.  He perfectly orchestrated all that is happening right now.

After Dad was admitted to the hospital, I knew that God was doing a work.  In just a few short weeks, I went from praying for God to do my will, and started asking him for a miracle.  I didn’t know what that miracle was going to look like.  I just knew that we needed one.  Momma and I needed one.  My family needed one.  We needed to understand why Dad was continuing to linger in this world.  Why were Mom and I still being subjected to abuse after all of these years.  When would it stop?

A week after I began asking God for a miracle, he performed not one…but many.  Each and every piece of the last few days have been clearly orchestrated by no one other than God.   No one could have begun to even try to put this series of events together.  Dad voluntarily requested he be admitted to the hospital…after battling a rare, degenerative neuromuscular disease that mimics ALS.  Dad has always refused any sort of home health assistance, even as he lost the ability to feed, dress, and bathe himself.  He was bound and determined only Mom would care for him for the remainder of his life.  Yesterday, he agreed it was time for a nursing home.  No fight, no arguing, just calm, peaceful agreement.  If I wasn’t witnessing it myself, I would say there was no way it happened.

Another miracle came when the hospital staff was asking for placement choices.  Nursing homes typically have long waiting lists.  We wondered how long it would take to get Dad into a good facility.  He gave them his first choice yesterday.  This morning when I arrived at the hospital, the case worker advised me that the nursing facility Dad chose had a bed available and ready for him.  Seriously folks…I think my jaw hit the floor.  I asked the case manager 3 times if she was sure.  How does something like that happen?  Only God!

In Ephesians 3:20 God’s word says, “Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us,”.  Immeasurably more than we could ask or imagine.  That’s exactly what happened here!  I couldn’t have begun to know all to ask God for.  So I asked him for a miracle  Then…here’s the key…I believed with all of my heart that he would provide one.  He did!!  Not just one either.  Many!  An entire series of them!  God started by leading me down a path of forgiveness.  He brought me to the place where I could write about the difficulties in my life, and then release them.  He allowed me to find forgiveness…which led to compassion.

That’s not all!  After I found compassion for Dad, I also found my courage.  I have been able to talk to him about his care, about his needed, and about all that needs to be done.  He has been receptive!  Not angry, not degrading or humiliating, but receptive!  I feel like a late night infomercial.  “But wait, there’s more!”  No $19.95 plus shipping here!  It was free!  God then provided the exact people in our path that we needed for legal issues, and financial decisions.  God has done it all.  Y’all, I couldn’t have even begun to know to ask for all of this.  God seriously outdid himself.  Right down to our “Prince Charming” tonight.

Momma had come home from the hospital ahead of me tonight.  When I arrived, she was on the phone with her handyman.  Apparently the battery on the thermostat needed to be replaced, and Mom couldn’t figure out how to open the door to get to the battery.  I looked, and couldn’t figure it out either.  So, the handyman was going to come over tonight, but it would be a bit.  Just as Mom hung up the phone, we heard a motorcycle.  My Uncle came riding up the driveway.  We rushed to the door, and asked if he could fix it before the handyman arrived.  Within 1 minute, Uncle had the old battery out.  Mom was able to call and catch the handyman before he headed over, and Uncle had replaced the battery and had the thermostat put back together.  Mom and I looked at each other and just laughed.  We celebrated that God sent us Uncle at the very moment we needed him!  Talk about exceedingly abundantly more than we could ever think or ask for!

Our bodies are exhausted physically and mentally, yet we are encompassed by peace.  The Lord has shown us that He is absolutely in control of all that I happening in this situation.  What’s even better is that because we can see it so clearly, we know that there is no need to worry.  God has this situation under control.  He holds us in the palm of His mighty hands, and we need not fear.

Scripture truly came to life right here!  Y’all, God’s word is true!  It’s alive!  HE IS ALIVE!  Our mighty God is, “him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us.” For that, I praise Him! 

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