More core shaking, then comes peace

The world is caving in around you. Things are happening that don’t make sense. You feel out of control.  It’s like holding on to a ship’s steering wheel covered in oil, as the harsh ocean waves bounce you around.  Slipping, sliding, desperately trying to maintain the course, and all you can do is pray.  Well, pray…and rejoice.  We’ve talked about how things happen in our lives that shake our very core.  Sometimes good, sometimes overwhelming pain catch us off guard, cause us to panic, and then the world starts to cave in around us.


The ship becomes more and more difficult to steer.  The wheel slides from your hands each time you desperately try to correct your course, and then the most amazing peace pours over you.  A peace that causes your body to relax, all anxiety is gone, and fear finds no place in your mind.  “And the peace of God,which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” Philippians 4:7  Peace that transcends all understanding takes over your body, and it calms the mighty storm.  You stand steering your vessel, no longer feeling it slipping away, with a peace that you cannot explain.  That dear Sister, is the peace of God.

While continuing to use our storm scenario, consider this…the storm that has been tossing you around, and the fear that you are going under is suddenly gone.  The seas calm just as quickly as the storm appeared.  The calm, gentleSZQE3L74VW movement of the great seas gently rock the ship to and from, as the glistening sun reflects the beauty of a clear blue sky.  Now, take that example and apply it to your life.  Can God really calm my worries and provide a peace than transcends all understanding?  Absolutely y’all!

A dear, sweet friend of mine lost her husband to cancer several years ago.  They had been married 21 years, and had not yet been blessed with children.  God provided them a peace about the concerns over having a family, and eventually had an opportunity to adopt a sweet little boy.  3 years later, they were blessed with a spur of the moment opportunity to adopt a little girl…they did.  For a few months, life was all they had dreamed it would be.  Then, her husband fell ill with cancer.  My friend is a mighty prayer warrior.  A woman of strong faith in the face of crazy, core shaking storms.  She put her faith in God to provide, trusting Him each and every step of the way.  You know where there is story goes, that dear family lost their leader to cancer.

Now, my friend could have let the world cave in around her, and who would have blamed her?  2 small children, years and years of marriage, and now she was facing parenthood alone.  She never let it shake her.  She says she prayed to the Lord.  Placed her worries at His feet and let Him carry them.  The day that her husband passed, she found peace…unspeakable peace.  Peace dear Sister…that transcends all understanding.  Y’all, that doesn’t mean that she didn’t grieve horribly, and feel lost because her partner was gone.  It means that even in the depths of her sorrow, she knew that God would take care of everything.  Our God who walked on water, and calmed the storms with the sound of his voice…that God, can provide indescribable, unshakeable, unbelievable peace.  Peace that transcends all understanding.  He can do if for each and every one of us if we simply let Him.  If we ask Him.  If we trust Him…if we believe.  We just need to guard our hearts and minds in Jesus.

What on earth does that mean?  Guard our your hearts and minds in Jesus.  Y’all, it means keep your eyes and your mind on Jesus.  Dear Sister, your heart and our mind should be so rooted in the goodness and the promises of Jesus that you wouldn’t dare consider that He couldn’t give you peace.  You guard yourself, your core, your spirit, you complete and total being from anything that isn’t God’s truth.  You know what happens when you do that? Peace happens!  Y’all peace that is indescribable!  Peace that surpasses all understanding.  Peace, that for a non-believer, looks absolutely crazy.

IMG_5322My friend has been told many times over the years that it seemed unbelievable that she had done so well in the face of her loss.  Her response is always the same.  I had faith then, and I have faith now.  Y’all, that’s peace!  Dear Sister, the next time that storm rages, and you can’t seem to get a hold of the wheel…when you think there is no hope of getting back on course, call to Jesus.  Ask Him to take your anxieties, and then welcome the peace that surpasses all understanding.  It will happen if you will just have faith.  It is then that you can rejoice.

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  1. Cody Doll says:

    Amen sister. I am just writing a blog post about this very thing! I always find it amazing to see what God will provide for his children.

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