Lord, bring the rain!

Tonight I spent some quiet time Bible journaling as I finished reading some of my study material for this week in Bible study. Have you been in a dry and weary place in life? That place where you feel thirsty, hopeless, confused, angry, empty, or bitter? I know I sure have.  

To be perfectly honest, I’m in one of those dry desert destinations right now. I’m in a season where I’m frustrated confused, sometimes angry, and sometimes bitter at a situation in my life. As they said in My Big Fat Greek Wedding, my spirit is “dry like toast” over this issue.

So here I am, reading my study material. Underlining away, writing in the margins…for other people. Know what I mean? It’s like the Sunday morning sermon when the pastor is preaching and you think, “ooooh, I wish Louise were here to hear this, ’cause girlfriend needs this!” Then whammo, God smacks you upside the head with His holy 2×4 and brings you to the reality you’ve tried to avoid. Yep! You need that sermon as much, if not more than Louise.

That happened to me tonight as I read Psalm 63:1. God’s word says I shall seek Him earnestly. My soul should thirst for Him. He makes it personal…individual…directed right at me. Directed right at you. Then it hits me. God put me in the driest desert because He wants me to seek Him. He wants me to yearn for Him with my entire soul. Only when I come to the end of myself, thirsty, tired, empty, and (here’s the key) expecting a miracle. Yep! Not just knowing that God can perform a miracle, but truly expecting…watching and waiting for Him to perform a miracle, that’s when the Lord provides the rain. It’s then that He does the impossible, or shows us a piece of His plan, and waters our dry, thirsty souls. When I come to the end of myself, and trust that God can and will perform a miracle…that’s when He does.  

Tonight, all I can say is, Lord…bring the rain!

2 thoughts on “Lord, bring the rain!

  1. I’m the same at the moment . I feel dry , angry , joyful at times even but struggling. I feel God is calling me to Himself in a deeper way . I watch too much telly , too much internet , too much Facebook . Because I want an “instant fix “

    • admin says:

      Yvonne, I think our society has conditioned us to expect immediate results. Our God desires we trust His timing, not our own. Isn’t it a blessing when we feel Him calling us…pulling us closer to Him? I pray that He will bring you rain.

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