Let’s Talk Bible Journaling

As I’ve previously mentioned, Bible journaling is accomplished by reading the Word of God.  Then, taking time to digest the passage.  You want to pray about the passage, meditate on what God is saying to you, and then begin to think of it in a picture.  The next step is to create your picture on paper.  Maybe it’s simply a compilation of abstract colors, or beautifully written words.  It could be a word for word copy of what the scripture says, or a paraphrase used to help represent what God is saying directly to you.  Here’s the key!  This is about you and God.

Bible journaling isn’t about how outstanding your artwork may be for others, but about you worshipping the Lord.  It’s simply another way of connecting and deepening your relationship with God.  It can be done with simply a pen or pencil and a notebook, or you can hit the craft stores and go all out with fancy pens, paints, stamps, stickers, and anything else that catches your eye.  Washi tape!  Everyone can use washi tape…but I digress.

Once you’ve developed your idea of what God is saying to you, then you want to put it down on paper.  Yes!  Put it down on paper.  No it doesn’t matter if you can’t draw.  Here’s the awesome thing about Bible journaling.  It isn’t being judged by anyone.  Since God made you perfect in His image.  He thinks you’re pretty awesome.  He thinks everything you do to worship Him is pretty awesome.  I mean…as long as you’re focused on Him and Him alone, you’re doing this worship thing right.  So, if your handwriting stinks, use rubber stamps, or stickers, or print out what you want to say and trace it.  There are no rules!  Just dive in!  That’s right, dive in!

Some folks have an issue about writing in their Bible.  Somewhere along the line someone told them that it’s wrong to write in their Bible.  Now, if that’s bugging you, start by creating a notebook rather than writing in your Bible.  Let me say this…God never says in His word that you are not to write in your Bible.  If it were an issue, He would have told you! He actually tells us in Jeremiah 31:33, “This is the covenant I will make with the people of Israel after that time,” declares the LORD. “I will put my law in their minds and write it on their hearts. I will be their God, and they will be my people.”  He said write the world on your heart and get it in your mind. He says it in several places in scripture.  In not a single one of those places does He say, “I’m going to send a lightening bolt to frizz out your sassy new do if you write in your Bible. ”  So there…you have permission to go for it!  

I like to both journal in my Bible and in a notebook.  I also love to create sassy little bookmarks that I can gift with folks who need a little pick me up.  I mean…what better pick me up than words right from the Lord!  Yesterday, I chose to use some blank card stock tags that I found at the craft store.  These come in all sorts of fun shapes, different colors, and already have a hole punched just screaming for some fabulous ribbon. Can anyone say, “Hello bookmarks!”  These will be simply fabulous in my Bible…or your Bible…or the hand of lady in the pew in front of you, or the Mom in the store whose hair is on fire because she’s trying desperately to keep it together while her toddler is screaming at the tops of his lungs…you get the point.

So jump in!  Grab a whatever you want to write on.  Grab a pen or a pencil, pray God’s word back to Him, and see what He gives you to represent His verse.  Don’t stress, don’t overthink it, just do it.  Next time we will talk about some fun supplies you can use.  For now, just work on getting your time with God on paper.  You’ve totally go this sister!

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