Join Me for Celebrating the Joy Found in Christ Jesus

You burned your finger on the flat-iron, dropped your phone on the way to the car, and spilled your lunch on your favorite blouse. How on earth can you proclaim joy after a morning like that?

Joy isn’t about what has happened to you. Joy is a way of thinking and living. Joy is a conscious choice. It’s not about feeling elation at every moment of every day. Rather, it’s about embracing peace in the assurance you have. Joy is making a choice to feel thankful, blessed, and comforted by the knowledge that God is in control of your life at every moment of every day.

Sometimes choosing joy is an easy choice. Your day is going well, the sun is shining, the kids are behaving, the boss isn’t being overly demanding, and you’re having a great hair day. Other days it’s a difficult choice because it appears that everyone wants to rain on your parade. The reality is that when we choose to accept Christ Jesus as our Lord and Savior, joy should become a way of life.  When you grow in your relationship and your walk with the Lord, the ability to find joy becomes easier. Not because bad things no longer happen in life, but because you can celebrate in knowing that God watches over His children. He provides, comforts and even rescues us from the darkness that life in this world pours out.

To aid in the deepening of your relationship with the Lord, and in the understanding of His character, I invite you to join me for an online Bible study called “Celebrating the Joy Found in Christ Jesus”.  As an online community of believers, we will walk through Philippians and Colossians together with a daily reading plan and live video discussions at the end of each chapter.  There is not a free to participate in this study. Just click the link below to download your reading plan.  Then, on the days we have LIVE discussion, log on to my YouTube channel at 8:30pm CST to join in the discussion. Or, watch the video recording when it’s convenient for you.

I pray through this study you will cultivate a closer walk and more intimate understanding of our Lord; all while Celebrating the Joy Found in Christ Jesus.

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Celebrating the Joy Found in Christ Jesus

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