Impossibility made possible 

Acts 2:24 speaks to how even though lawless men crucified and killed Jesus, God would not allow Jesus to remain in the grave. God deemed death impossible for our Lord. Therefore God raised Him from the grave. 

I’ve known for a long time that the grave could not hold Christ Jesus, and that God raised Him from the dead. However it never occurred to me to consider how many things in my life have or have not happened because God quite simply would not allow anything different to happen. 

How many impossibilities were possible only because my mighty God made them possible?

 As an infant just three months of age, I contracted pneumonia. My mother and grandmother often told the story of how the doctor told them to put me in my crib beside a cool mist humidifier, and to then cover the crib. If I survived the night, I just might live. 

Against both mom and grandma’s better judgement, they followed doctor’s orders. They also prayed all night at my bedside. By morning, the fever had broken and I began to improved. A smile now spreads across my face as I realize that miracle…my survival, is because God decided He would not allow death to take me that day. He had other plans for me. He had greater plans for my life. 

Three times in my life I came very near death. Three times God decided He would not allow death to take me. It just wasn’t possible at those times. How many more times has He made death impossible for me? 

We serve a mighty God. One filled with power and justice, compassion and mercy. 

Thank you Lord for sending Jesus to die for me. Thank you for raising Him from the grave…for the impossibility of His death. Thank you Lord for saving me and having a purpose for my life. Thank you for possibility and impossibility that comes only from You.

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