I pray that Your fire will consume me

Consume me Lord.  Let your fire pour down upon me and consume my heart.  Let my soul yearn for yflameour Spirit to envelop me…revive me Lord!  

I’m fairly certain the most people don’t pray for the Lord to pour fire down upon them. I may be mistaken, however most folks desire to avoid fire.  Oh, but this fire that I desire is not one that will painfully consume me.  No, this fire is that of the Holy Spirit.  His fire brings beauty…revival…life.  

For many years in my Christian walk, I prayed for the Lord to give me a burning bush experience.  Who wouldn’t want to experience the Lord speaking to them in such a miraculous way?  In Exodus 3:2 “The angel of the LORD appeared to him in a blazing fire from the midst of a bush; and he looked, and behold, the bush was burning with fire, yet the bush was not consumed.”  

Can you even begin to imagine what this experience must have been like?  A blazing fire…not a smolder, not a spark, a blazing fire in the midst of a bush.  Now that’s enough to make anyone stop and look.  But y’all, that was only the beginning.  While the fire was eye-catching, the fact that the bush was not consumed was amazing.  I can imagine Moses being drawn to the fire.  Then, studying the bush, I wonder if confusion blanketed his face as he watched it blaze, yet never saw the bush turn to ash.  At the same time, and angel of the Lord appears to him in that fire.  I think I’d be more than slightly startled at that whole experience.  Then, that angel of the Lord provided a message from God.  

Oh dear sister, while the power of the burning bush is unquestionable, I desire more.  I don’t want to simply stop at a single burning bush experience.  Do you?  I desire more of the Lord.  I want Him to be an overwhelming, all-consuming presence in my life each and every moment of every day.  No, I don’t want to stop at the burning bush.  I want more of God!

God presented Himself as fire…blazing fire, not just one time in scripture, but several times.  He spoke through a bush, and then, He led the people out of Egypt…guiding them in the form of a pillar of fire.  There was no doubt for the people of Egypt that God was with them.  He made His presence known.  They could see the flames, and knew the path to follow.  Do you ever wish it were that easy to live life in these days?

Exodus, the burning bushOh dear sister, in these troubling days of our world, so many say that miracles like the burning bush no longer exist.  You may be one of those people.  Y’all, there is nothing further from the truth.  God performs miracles…mighty miracles each and every day. We so often close our eyes to the wonder that God places before us.  We become so accustomed to God’s everyday miracles such as a new baby being born, or an illness being healed, that we forget those are truly miracles…and they come directly from God. What about those miracles that we never even knew were miracles?  Did you consider it a miracle when you were stuck in traffic this morning.  It could very well have been, because God intervened to save you from what was ahead.  We fail to think about how sometimes the things that frustrate us because they keep us from completing our day as planned, could be mighty miracles from God.  

That burning fire and the mighty miracles of God stay on my mind.  The beauty of a dancing flame, how it changes color, how it can change direction, and how it provides heat and light.  That’s exactly our God.  His love for us is passionate…hot.  He created light for this world.  Then He sent the most perfect light ever, Jesus the light of the world.  I want those things to consume my heart.  I want to be cognizant of how God loves me and directs my life.  Dear Sister, I pray that you share my desire.

Lord, let the love you have for me ignite my heart.  Let the light of Jesus burn within my soul. Let your presence as the guide for my life be as evident as that pillar of fire in the time Moses walked the earth.  Lord, let Your fire consume me.

Fill me with Fire



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