How did God know?

How did God know?  Do you ever ponder what prompted the Lord to create some the creatures that inhabit our earth?  I’ve often wondered whey certain creatures exist…like my least favorite creature…the snake.  EEEEEEEWWWWWW!  I no likeeee snakes!  Or what about my sweet, loving, puppy dog and cats?  I mean, did God create our golden retriever Muffin just for me?  Did He decide that I was going to need a sassy, needy, diva dog to accompany me in this season of life?  What about my crazy cats?  Did He contemplate the personalities they would receive?  Did God know that Ace, aka Klepto Kitty, aka Fuzzy Buddy, was just the dose of humor our family would need after the loss of our black lab Midnight?  Don’t you ever wonder?

This weekend, my family took a road trip to Atlanta.  We have some sweet kids there who we love like our own.  They are now married, and beginning life on their own, and we couldn’t help but take a quick trip to visit them.  We decided to have a family excursion to the Atlanta Aquarium.  It was the second time I’ve been there, and I love that place!  It’s filled with such awesome wonder!  Such amazing colors, shapes, and sizes.  I feel like a little kid at a fireworks display.  I’m continually in amazement at what each tank contains.  My jaw hangs open much of the time, and then I ask the question…What was God thinking when He created this creature?  I asked the question of my sweet, “daughter-in-love” Elizabeth, as we looked at start fish and anemones.  Even after our return home tonight, I can’t stop thinking about creation.

Genesis 1:20 says, “Then God said, ‘Let the waters abound with an abundance of living creatures, and let the birds fly above the earth across the face of the firmament of the heaves.’ ”  Let the waters abound with an abundance of living creatures.  The Lord didn’t want just a few underwater friends.  He desired that the waters abound with an abundance.  “Abound” means large numbers.  “Abundance” means a very large quantity.  At first those words may sound the same, but as I meditate on this verse, I feel that the Lord is not in any way repetitive in His desires.  He wanted large not only a large number of sea creatures, but also an assortment.  God desired boatloads of species to inhabit the seas in massive numbers!  He didn’t desire simply one type of fish.  No!  He wanted the seas bursting with different species in large quantities!

That realization is even more to ponder!  I can’t begin to wrap my head around the plan that God had for the seas.  Wow!  He decided to create an intricate ecosystem of underwater creatures that could fully support one another.  Remember, He created the seas before He created man.  The seas were not created to need people to keep them running.  God created the sea anemone to protect the clownfish.  He created the shrimp so that the whale sharks and the otters would have something for nourishment. He didn’t stop there!  He created these creatures to live together, in balance.  It just blows me away!  Our God is so huge!  So awesome!  So incredibly mighty…and yet, He planned every tiny detail of the universe.  Then, after planning all of that, He simply spoke it into existence!  Y’all, don’t miss that!  Genesis 1:20 says, “Then God said…”  He simply spoke, and boom!!  There it was!

Our God is so great that He can create an entire world, with every creature, every plan, every necessity to support life.  Y’all…He created man from a pile of dust!  You and I sweep that very pile up from the floor and throw it away.  God picked it up in His hands!!  In His hands!!  Then He breathed life into it.  That breath didn’t blow that dust around, it created a man!  God’s very breath created us!  We are made directly by God, for God!  I’m officially blown away.  I always have been amazed by God.  Then, I take time to try to imagine how He must have thought of things like sea creatures, and I become even more astounded at the greatness of our God!

1397557_10202414200659500_143650716_oDo you think God created otters because He knew He would create people like me who have a minor otter obsession?  Yes, I admit it.  I think they are the most adorable and fascinating little creatures.  I have no idea why God created them, but I think as far as sea creatures go, they are my favorite.

We truly serve an awesome God!  Just take a minute to stop and think about all of the amazing wonders He spoke into existence right here on this earth.  Our God is an awesome God!

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