He is my God

Nahum 1:1-5…God displays His mighty power. He alone is God. There can be no other. Idols before God make you His enemy. He will pour out His judgement upon you if you do not seek Him.  
My God is powerful…so powerful that the mountains quake and the hills melt away; so powerful that upon His command, the ocean and rivers become dry. Yet, His is patient…slow to anger. My God is jealous for time spent with me. I should desperately desire time with Him. His mighty power is displayed in tornadoes, hurricanes and storms. He loves me with that very same intensity of power. 
My God is bigger than any problem I may face. He is so big that the clods in the sky are simply the dust from His feet as He walks. That power! That mercy! That grace! That is…He is my God! 

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