Happy New Year…a little late

I’m a little behind in the New Year wishes.  Sorry about that!  I’m recovering from major surgery, and have been away from the computer for the last 8 days.  That doesn’t mean all of you chickies haven’t been in my mind!  I pray you found joy during the Christmas season.  I know for some of you it was difficult.  Some wounds are still painful, some scars are still newly formed.  The greatest joy is that Jesus Christ was born.  Oh, and if you’re one who struggled with the pain or scars?  Jesus gives you the gift of healing in addition to new life.  Boy do I know about healing right now.  It was a season of healing for me…and continues to be.

I just want to take a moment to tell you what is coming this year at One Christian Chick.  I’m so excited to continue to share devotional stories with you, as we continue to grow together in the Lord.  We also have a great Facebook page, and an Instagram for Bibke journaling.  Your Bibke journaling questions will be addressed on our new YouTube channel, and faith art pieces will be available at our Etsy store (new items will be added soon).  Even more exciting is my opportunity to team with One Kingdom Come.  They have a fantastic online faith community filled with devotions, Bible journaling, faith art supplies, and more.

I’m going to get back to resting and healing.  This is a wonderful time of talking to our Father, and taking time to be observant of His creation while I heal.  I’ll be back with new devotional stories for you very soon.  Oh, and while you wait, if you’ve never taken time to visit the site and read all of my previous posts, I encourage you to do so.  Especially the series on bricks!  I’ll be adding more to that series soon.

Take care y’all, and I’ll be back with you very soon!

In Christ Alone,


One Christian Chick

P.S Here’s one of my recovery nurses.  Miss Muffin.  Her snuggles can make anyone feel better!




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