Handpicked by God

Today was Thanksgiving.  It’s the day when we are supposed to celebrate all for which we are thankful.  While perusing social media today, it appears that the main point of celebration is family.  People have flooded Facebook and Instagram with photos of families sitting around tables.  Smiles abound as they partake in meals that are far bigger than any of us truly deserve.  My family also partook in the celebratory gluttony as well.  Girl…I’m so glad I wore my bigger pants today.  When my husband prayed before our meal, he blessed my heart as he thanked God for all he had done and provided for us this year.  God has done some mighty works with this little family this year.  Sometimes it doesn’t seem possible so much has happened.  Even so, there is so much more than I can begin to express for which I am thankful.

Tonight, as I opened my devotion, 1 Peter 2:9 jumped off the page.  “But you are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, His own Special people, that you may proclaim the praises of Him who called you out of darkness into his marvelous light.”  God spoke to my heart and told me to break this one down, so that I could fully comprehend what He was saying to me.  For the girl who spent the majority of her life feeling unworthy, and unwanted, digesting this scripture is important.  I think for many women, it’s important.  We spend day after day in a society that impresses upon us the need to be pretty, skinny, well dressed, sexy, wealthy, successful, and a myriad of other words; when what what we are supposed to be is focused on God, and all He has made us to be.

My crazy, mind boggling, wordy study journal.
My crazy, mind boggling, word study journal.

Did you know that God chose you?  He showed divine favor upon you and me.  He selected us to be His.  Being chosen is just the tip of the iceberg.  All of the realities of this verse began to roll off of my pen, and into my journal…then then rolled right into my heart.  I hope they find yours as well!  So here we are…chosen by God.  Hand picked by Him, for Him.  He then made us part of a royal priesthood.  Now there is some responsibility, as well as opportunity!  Royalty is pretty awesome.  Who doesn’t love to see all that goes on with the Royals in England.  We are greater royalty than they are!  Who knew?  We are children of the King of Kings!  As God’s hand picked royalty, we are added to the priesthood.  Nope, we aren’t expected to wear fancy hats and reside in Rome.  Rather, we are royalty who are added to an elite community.  This community is made up of believers, saved by God, able to speak directly to God!  We are given the opportunity and the responsibility as His royal priesthood to share his word, and lead others to Him so that they might experience the same blessings.  That’s big stuff dear sister.

So now that I hope we have a handle on this being chosen by God, and understand the royal priesthood to which He has added you and me.  God does not stop there.  Nope!  Then, He proceeds to say you and I are part of a holy nation.  We have been set apart by God, blessed, and held sacred by Him.  Check that out!  God sets you and me apart!  We aren’t average.  No way sister!  We are part of an elite, hand picked God team, set apart by Him.  Then, God goes on and calls us special.  Yep!  Look back at 1 Peter 2:9 “…His own special people.”  God considers us special!  We are greater than the average bear.  Special can even mean unusual.  You know what?  We truly are unusual if we are children of God.  We aren’t the typical world-driven people focused on this dog eat dog world, at least I hope we aren’t.  Nope!  We are unusual because our focus is God, His kingdom, and our life everlasting.  Sister, we are going to be living in God’s kingdom when our time on this earth is over!  I want to walk those streets of gold, I want to see all that God has held special for me…all that He has prepared for me during my time here on earth.  Don’t you?

Y’all, God doesn’t stop at calling us special.  He tell us that because we are chosen by Him, we are to announce our admiration for Him.  Sister…shout those praises of our mighty King from the roof tops!  He is mighty!  He is the King of Kings!  He is the Lord of Lords!  He is Deliverer, Savior, Counselor, Teacher and Father!  Girl…whose your Daddy?  Then, once we have proclaimed His praises, He will call us out of darkness.  Y’all, God is requesting a special appointment with you…His chosen one!  He requests your attendance outside of this dark, sin filled world.  He wants you!  He wants me!  He wants us to step into His marvelous, extraordinary, sensational, breathtaking light!  In God, as His chosen ones, we will never experience darkness again.  Never!  Not today, not tomorrow, not next month or next year.  Never again will we experience the darkness of sin and death.  Now whose your Daddy?!

So here is the biggest reality check of all for me.  This chick, who has considered herself less that worthy, less than pretty, less than so many things…has had the shadows of her past removed.  Now, only the light of God’s glory shines for me.  What I used to be, what I used to consider myself is gone.  That train has left the station for dark places, and I’m not on it!  What remains is me…you…a beautiful, handpicked, chosen woman.  A royal priest with a direct line to God.  We are special…worthy…valuable…living in God’s great light!  Now that’s something to be thankful for!

Don't ever forget that you are!
Don’t ever forget that you are!

For this moment forward dear sister, I ask you make a pact with me.  Let us support one another in living in God’s great, marvelous light.  I want to encourage you, and I hope you will encourage me, to live in the reality of life as God’s chosen one.  He loves us!  He is mad about us!  He selected us…for Him!  Y’all, there can be nothing greater than that reality.  For this, I am truly thankful.

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