God hears our cries and delivers us!

Rather than writing today, I decided to create a short video devotional for you on the beauty I have found in Psalm 107.  Jesus is a mighty Savior!  Our Lord always shows up!  Just call out to Him, and He will deliver you.

3 thoughts on “God hears our cries and delivers us!

  1. Linda McClellan says:

    Thank you so much Tonya for this promise of the Lord you have brought to my attention in Psalms. Also for the blog I read when you recently spoke about Luke 22:31 and that brought it to my attention. Now it does makes sense about Satan sifting us like wheat in order to make room for depending on Him rather than trying to handle everything ourselves. I too have chronic pain and have had for almost 5 years now and as you also deal with it too you know that when I say say chronic mine is 24/7. Mine is my lower back from the two back surgeries one to fix me and one to take out the metal which was falling apart. The other two surgeries were to fix my sciatica and praise God the second one worked and I woke up with it gone! I have so many friends praying for me in my church and friends and from my old church (another story). But why can’t I pray for myself until the pain is so bad I just can’t stand it anymore and FINALLY ask Him to please just take it away even if for a little while. Which is, as I know, putting limits on God. Anyway I thank you so much and I tried to sign up to receive your blogs in my email but I can’t find where to do that so maybe you can let me know. God bless and let us keep in our prayers the men and women right now fighting for our freedom and our very lives.

    • Tonya Andrews says:


      Thank you so much for your response. I’m blessed to know that God’s word reached you. I’m sorry to hear that you too live with chronic pain. I want to keep you in my prayers.

      As for signing up to receive blog updates. On the home page, right hand side below the flowers is a sign up box. If that does f work, please let me know. I’ll be happy to add you.

      Thank you for joining me in this journey to learning to weather the storms in God’s power, not our own.


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