Daily Bible Study with The Loved Bible Project on Instagram

A couple of weeks ago I had the absolute pleasure of being led to a Bible Study while scrolling through Instagram. It’s called “Identity in Christ” by The Loved Bible Project.  This is a 31 day devotional challenge. Now, I know that 31 days seems like quite a commitment, but let me assure you that this is a fantastic study which does not require a large time investment.

What makes this study different? Quite simply, it’s the community surrounding the study! I’ve been trying to spend less time on Facebook in an attempt to “unplug” from all of the drama and controversy that seems to continually explode. I’ve become so frustrated by people who are continually offended by every person who has an opinion that does not coincide with theirs, that I began to shut down. In turn, I started to miss some of the posts that help me to grow in my Christian walk.

Enter Instagram. So I moved over to Instagram as my primary social media outlet. I find myself able to view the kids prom pictures, and graduation updates without all of the political agendas. I also discovered that I don’t see everything that my friends “like” or on which they “comment”.  So, I put in my search terms…”Bible study, Bible journaling, Women’s Ministry” and of course I added in my share of recipe and homeschool searches as well. Then, I began to create my “feed”. Seems pretty simple right? It truly is!

While scrolling down my page of pretty pictures, I saw this image accompanied by a simple description: “Beginning May 1st  we will be walking through the 31-day Identity devotional together as a way to look at who God says we are and encourage each of us to find and highlight these scriptures in our Loved Bibles.”

I was immediately overtaken by the need to participate in this study. So, I downloaded the accompanying free devotional guide http://www.lovedbibleproject.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/Download-File-2.pdf and immediately started the journey to finding a stronger understanding of my identity in Christ.  The more I “poked around” on their website, the more excited I became about participating in this devotional. I also found God leading me to do something I had never before done…lead Bible study for my friends and women in my church’s Women’s Ministry on a platform like Instagram.

Well folks God took it from there! Each day He was prompting me to get in His Word. Then, He encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone and begin creating short videos to encourage others to follow along. It has been an amazing joy in my life to make new contacts, to minister to men and women alike, and to walk closer to the Lord as I hear embrace the identity He gave me.

Yes, we are already on day 7. No big deal! Truly!! I want to encourage you to join in this study. I’ve already been changed in one short week. I’m certain you will be to. Don’t stress to catch up or worry about what you’ve missed. Just pick up on the corresponding day and see where God leads, and what He shows you on this wonderful journey. Oh…and share your insights and photos on Instagram, or on Facebook, or even right here in the comments for this post. I can’t wait to see and hear what God is teaching you through the “Identity in Christ” 31 day challenge.

P.S. I’m tonyamandrews on Instagram. See you there!


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