Count it ALL as Joy

Some days, it appears to be an eternal struggle to keep your head above water.  The weight of the world can sometimes bear down on your shoulders.  Questions and fears mount, even though we all know we need to just give them to God and walk away. Today was one of those days for me.  

Blessed are the UnoffendedY’all, it was one of those days when I just seemed to be chasing my tail.  I wanted to be filled with joy, and yet I was emotionally flat.  I desired to be filled with a mighty fire for God, but my wood was apparently wet, and refused to kindle.  No amount of coffee in the world seemed to be igniting any sense of stamina in this chick.  Then, I opened my Bible study book, and God stepped in. There it was…”Blessed are the Unoffended”.  

What a strange title for a Bible study chapter. As I began reading, the study lead me to James 1.  I’ve never spent much time in James, but today was to be different. The Lord had something to say. I was to be unoffended in Him. There were going to be times when we would all struggle…boy do I know it sister!  There would be times when we we feel hurt and misled by God…offended; but in those times, we needed to “…count it all as joy when you are but in various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces patience.”  

Y’all, I think that just stepped on my toes a bit.  God tells me…He tells us that there are going to be trials.  No ifs, ands, or buts about it.  Trials are going to happen.  We are going to get our feelings hurt by God at times. There will be days when we wonder why on earth He allows what He does to happen. Then, He reminds us in James 1 that those tests and trials have a purpose…they produce patience.

Patience…ouch!  Are you a patient person?  I most certainly am not.  I despise waiting. Don’t we all?  However, God says that patience is a virtue.  It’s a fruit of the spirit for goodness sake.  So, obviously He feels patience is important.  Y’all, the greatest patience we can exercise is waiting on our Lord to return and rapture us all out of this crazy world. Talk about testing your patience! 

James 1 Count it all as JoyGod even goes one step further.  He tells us to “count it all as joy”.  Count those difficult times as joy because He is with us. Count them as joy because He is refining our character. Count it all as joy.  Y’all, God never leaves your side.  Yep!  I seem to forget that when I get frustrated, inpatient, and offended. How about you?

So, today I’m going to try guzzle down one more cup of coffee, put on my patient pants, and do my best to count it all as joy.  Why?  Because that’s what God tells us to do!  He’s working on us y’all.  He’s working to make us holy, righteous, and patient.  All I can say is…Dear Jesus, please come back soon, I’m really not good at this waiting thing, but I have faith in you.

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  1. Ah, patience – I avoid it line the plague sometimes. Thanks for this enlightening perspective – gonna have my second cup of coffe and look for my patience pants today. Hugs my sister in Christ.

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