Romans Chapter 1 Bible Study Discussion and Questions

Day 1 was our day to read Romans Chapter 1. I hope you carved out a special time to enjoy your reading.

For Day 2, I encourage you to read this chapter again in a different translation. I encourage you to use as an easy way to read and change between different Bible translations. I’ll expand on that a little bit in the video for today.

In today’s video, I also discuss how to look up Strong’s Concordance references, and give you the first answer to our study guide questions.

Each day, I will check back with you in video and share with you study tips, things I’ve learned from God’s Word, ask you questions, and discuss our study guide questions.

I encourage you to post your observations, questions, and anything you are learning here in our comments, or on the One Christian Chick Facebook page. I look forward to walking beside you as we dive into what God has for us in the book of Romans.

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