Brand new all over again.

minigolf_mainDo you ever wish you could start all over again?  Have you ever made a biggie of a mistake and wished you could take a mulligan?  We used to do that as kids.  I remember it most when we’d go mini golfing.  Or, as we affectionately called it, peewee golfing.  You know the feeling, admit it!  You line that bright pink ball up in hopes it’s going to pass the pole near the hole, and roll right into the cup.  You wack the daylights out of that ball, and then have to duck and run before it takes you out.  Why?  Because that ball you so carefully lined up managed to hit the pole, and come flying right back at you.  Now, as long as everyone survived, the laughter ensues!  You feel embarrassed, and try to stop laughing long enough to catch your breath and declare…”MULLIGAN”.  You certainly deserve a do over after that one don’t you?

I’ve been told that there are no mulligans in life.  You can’t just do over when you mess up.  You know what I realized as I’ve grown over the last forty some years?  That is not necessarily true.  God allows us to start over…new!  No, he doesn’t wipe everyone’s minds clear of our maladies like the Men in Black do with their blinky thing.  You know why?  Because the people on this earth don’t matter.  Their opinions really don’t matter.  It’s God’s that matters.  It’s God that allows us to start fresh with him.  He allows us, when we give our lives to him, to become brand new.  Y’all, he wipes the slate clean!  We are forgiven!  The old stuff doesn’t matter anymore.

2 Corinthians 5:17 says, “ Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new.”  That means that once I give my life to Christ, and he saves me, He makes me new!  All the ill aligned balls of life that I’ve wacked into all the wrong places are gone in God’s eyes.  As a matter of fact, he makes me a new creation!  What’s even better, I don’t have to relive any of those painfully awkward mistakes in my life.  No, God forgives them, and then he wipes the slate clean.  He makes us brand new in our spirits, deep in our very soul.  Brand new all over again.  Like all of the crazy mess up’s never happened.  I still can’t begin to imagine how he can do that.  Have you ever tried to forget when you really mess up?  I don’t know about you, but my mind likes to play tricks on me.  I end up on endless rewind and play loops.  Playing that disaster over and over in my mind.  Have you noticed that it often gets worse then?  Oh girl…you know it!  We start to think of stuff that may not have been remotely noticed by anyone else, but we knew it happened.

That’s the time when you start to desire the ability to slowly melt behind the base boards in hopes no one will find you.  That’s the very moment, when you need to confess your sins to God.  Yep!  Belt out a confession my sister!  Lay it all at the feet of Jesus.  Then…and here’s the key…leave it there and walk away.  Don’t go turning around and running back to pick it up.  Want to know why?  It will be gone!  Snatched away into dust.  Forgiven, loved, and brand new.  That’s what you become!  That’s why I became when I accepted Christ as my Savior.  That’s why he makes me each and every day I walk beside him.  I confess my mess ups, and he forgives me.  Then he wipes the board clean!  Oh…there is one thing I forgot to tell you about that wiped clean thing.   Don’t go back there again!  Once you confess, and God forgives you, he says what every good father would say.  I forgive you, now don’t do it again.  Just like we say to our kiddos.  What’s even better?  He won’t ever bring it up again.  Done, kaput, finito.  Isn’t our Daddy one awesome God?

I pray you take time to spend with the Father.  Take time to confess your mess ups.  Admit the ones that are hidden deep down, the ones that haunt you over and over again.  The fears that accompany them, and the regrets that hinder living the life He created you for.  Let it go.  Then, allow yourself to accept his forgiveness, and relish in being brand new!

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