Bible Journaling? I’ve never heard of it.

IMG_4035Short version…Bible journaling is taking the infallible word of God, reading it, and then doodling illustrations to represent a verse or passage in the margins of your Bible.  Some people are super artsy, some not so much.  Either really doesn’t matter.  Bible journaling is an artful, creative way to worship God while spending time with Him in prayer, meditation, and enjoying His word.

Ok, now stop right there!  I hear you out there.  I’m not an artist, I can’t draw a straight line, I’m not crafty.  Blah…blah…blah.  Just stop!  Bible journaling has nothing to do with your artistic ability, and everything to do with building a relationship with God.  So that means you…Queen Stick Figure Drawer…yes you!  You can do this!  And freeze Ms. I Don’t Have A Creative Bone In My Body!  Just stop right there!  You don’t need one!  Just be willing to try!  You’ve totally go this Sister!  Totally!

What’s even better?  There are no fancy tools required.  Just a Bible and a pen.  That being said some people, myself being one of them, enjoy using fancy colors pens, pencils, watercolors, acrylic paints, stickers, stamps, and anything else crafty they can get their hands on.  Wow was that a mouthful!  Deep breath in…and out.  You don’t have to do that! Hear me?  You just don’t!

So, are you ready to join me to learn more about Bible journaling?  Well.  Meet me back here.  Yep…do that Facebook follow thing, or pin me, or whatever you need to do.  Then, meet back up with me when you have your Bible and a pen.  We’ll get started!  You can totally rock this journaling thing, all while building an amazing relationship with the God of the heavens and the earth!


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