Bible Journaling Tips

Using a Tip In

Sometimes a tip in works best for my Bible journaling.  Tonight I found myself doodling in a sketch book, while relaxing in my chair.  I started meditation on Acts 1:8 ” But you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you…”  I worked on several different versions.  I found I liked this one the best, and really didn’t want to copy it into my Bible.  So, I decided to create a tip in.

A tip-in is just a design or entry created on paper other than your Bible.  Just cut it out, and use washi tape to adhere in the Bible.  Then, if I decide to change it in the future, or if I want to add different versions, there will be plenty of space.  I’m also known to give my bookmarks and tip-ins away if they really touch a person’s spirit.  This way, I never have to worry about trying to make a copy of a Bible page, or recreating the art.  Simply remove it gently.  Then add a fresh design.  I love washi tape for my Bible.!  It works great for decorating the outside of your Bible too…without ruining the cover.



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