Because He is the Lord my God

As I was studying Leviticus 26, God blanketed a deep reality over me. My how far our society has fallen. God said, “you shall not make idols.” We have made many in this world. What idols have I built up before Him? 

God said that we are to keep the sabbath, and reverence His sanctuary. We are to walk in His statutes, and keep His commandments. How often have I failed Him in all of these commands? 

God tells us of the blessings He will pour our upon us if only we…if only I will abide. 

He clearly describes the grave consequences of failing to set Him before all, and obey His commands. As I read the list, verse after verse, I see punishment promised lifetimes ago that God’s people even today must reap. 

When we “walk contrary” to God and do not obey Him, He walks contrary to us in judgement and serves up mighty punishment. 

Praise God for His promise that provides hope in verse 40. It is there God tells us that even when we…when I deliberately and continuously sin against Him and break His commandments, if I will confess my sin He will forgive it. It is then that my God, my Lord walks beside me no longer pouring out punishment. Rather He heaps upon my head a mighty portion of His love and mercy. 

Thank you God for loving your children, even when we fail you. Thank you for hope! Thank you for JESUS.

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