Abound in Love

Some days words in scripture jump out at me. They are words I know the meaning of, but what did God mean by them when He inspired Paul to put them on paper? "And this I pray, that your love may abound still more and more I knowledge and all discernment." Philippians 1:9 –abound: verb: Read More

Breaking Bread

Fellowship is a word that we Southern Baptists throw around frequently. It always accompanies events where there will be food. If you know Southern Baptists at all, there will always been food involved in most anything we do. Goodness, you better watch yourself coming out of the parking lot on Sunday mornings as folks will Read More

Join Me for Celebrating the Joy Found in Christ Jesus

You burned your finger on the flat-iron, dropped your phone on the way to the car, and spilled your lunch on your favorite blouse. How on earth can you proclaim joy after a morning like that? Joy isn’t about what has happened to you. Joy is a way of thinking and living. Joy is a Read More

You are Worthy!

Women often struggle with lack of self-worth and self-esteem. They see the Proverbs 31 Wife as something unachievable and unrealistic. God has shown me just how achievable and realistic it truly is when we embrace our identity in Him. We are loved beyond measure, created by Him and for Him for His purpose. God blankets Read More

The Change of Life’s Season

Are you finding yourself in a new season of life right now? Are you experiencing a change or loss in your life today? Have you found yourself in a season you never expected by the loss of a loved one? What about a new season as a couple because children have grown and are leaving Read More

Amazing Gifts

Those words leaped off of the page and held on to me with the mightiest of intensity. Grabbing me and pulling me deeper into the message.  A message from God penned by the Apostle Paul nearly 1960 years ago. A message of concern; a message of tremendous hope. He had prepared it for the church Read More

What is Conscious Communion?

Yes, I am a book geek. Even in this age of digital media and paperless books, I’d much rather have a paper book in my hand that I can touch and smell. See…only book geeks smell their books! I love to flip pages, write notes in the margins, and highlight. I truly cannot read a Read More

You Lord

Do you take time to reflect on what you’ve read in God’s Word? One of my study tools, which aids in my connection and reflection of a passage, is to make it my own.  I add words like I and my in place of your, their and our.  Psalm 17 spoke volumes to my heart and Read More

Romans Chapter 8 Bible Study Discussion #2

Join me as we walk through verses 4-11. Embrace the reality that in Christ Jesus, there is no condemnation. That means that we are FREE from our chains. No longer are we in bondage. No longer are we guilty. For our sin has been forgiven because of the shed blood of Christ Jesus. In this Read More