Anticipation of a Miraculous Arrival

christmas-treeIs your Christmas tree up?  Well adorned with all of the glittery baubles and balls, and twinkling with the gorgeous glow of hundreds of lights?  Is everything perfectly placed?  Are your gifts wrapped in the best coordinating paper?  Are you meticulously checking each person off of your list as you hunt for that perfect gift?  Is your meal planned?  Outfit selected?  Have you taken a time to reflect on the reason for Christmas?

Yep!  I just heard the record player scratch as you hit the brakes on your Christmas countdown.  Taken time?  “This is the busiest time of year and you are asking me to take time?” Yes. That is exactly what I’m asking you to do.  We become so wrapped up in the hustle and bustle of the holidays, that we seem to lose sight of why they are happening. Yes, seeing Santa Clause land in a helicopter right on the parking lot of my church was phenomenal.  Even a big kid like me was cheering as he stepped down from his air chariot.  Yet in the back of it all…set aside from the games, candy, and the big guy in the fancy red suit was the thing that should be front and center in our lives this Christmas…and every other day.  The celebration of the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

Stop…breathe in…breathe out. I know, you’re too busy getting ready for Christmas to take time to think about Christmas. Where on earth are you going to find that Hatchimal? Can you get the American Girl doll in time?  Is it the right one?  STOP!  For a moment, just stop. Go hide in the bathroom with the door closed if you have to.  Take a shower, leave the kids with your hubby and go grab a coffee.  Roll up the windows, turn off the radio, and be alone for a moment. Then, reflect on why we celebrate Christmas.  It has nothing to do with all of that overpriced plastic. It has everything to do with Jesus.

Advent means “arrival”.  We celebrate awaiting the arrival of Jesus Christ.  The time when our mighty, powerful, omnipotent God came down from heaven in the form of a baby…who would grow into a man…Jesus.  Dear sister, Jesus wouldn’t grow into just any many.  He would grow into the perfect, sinless man…fully human and fully man who would take on the sins of the world and die on the cross to save us all.  That is my Jesus!  Sister if you know Him, He is your Jesus too.

Advent is a during the month of December.  Each day we take time to read a scripture verse, study a name of God, and reflect on the memory of impending arrival of sweet baby Jesus.  It’s about counting down the days until…the memories of a mother’s pain, muffled out by a sweet newborn baby crying become real to us. Jesus is real. More real that even the best Santa Clause your kids will see this season. Real because Jesus was born on this earth, to an earthly mother…a woman like you or me.  A woman totally unprepared, yet chosen by God, to bring the Savior of the world into its sin laden atmosphere. Now that’s Advent.

God Made A Way in a MangerDear sister, will you celebrate the coming of the newborn King? Will you celebrate the Savior of the world? Will you look beyond the heaps of torn paper, and noise making packages and stand in awe of the mercy of our almighty God? I pray that you will slow down this Christmas season.  Stop and consider with anticipation a miraculous birth.  The day when God stepped down from heaven, was born of a virgin, and would dwell among us as a man. The baby born for the sole purpose of dying for your sins…for my sins…so that you and I can live forever.  Dear sister, if you don’t know Jesus Christ as your Savior, I pray that you will reach out to someone who does.  Message me!  I’m only a few keystrokes away. Don’t let one more Christmas go by without celebrating the birth of our Savior with great anticipation.  This year let Christmas take on new joy and wonder that comes from eternal life in Him.  Take time for Advent.


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