Aching and Breaking

Sin was once rampant in my life. I really didn’t know the difference between being a sinner and being a human. Then, the realization that Christ Jesus died for me, and for me sin pierced my spirit. The deepest parts of me began to ache. It had nothing to do with concern for breaking God’s laws, and everything to do with the reality I was breaking God’s heart. 
My continued blatant sinfulness made the crucifixion of Jesus seem like less, and I most certainly didn’t want that. I wanted it to be more. To be greater than anything I could ever be. It was then I knew that Christ Jesus had come to be my Savior; saving me from sin and eternal death, if only I would trust Him. And so…I did. 
Jesus saved me. He saved my soul. He saved my life! And I’ve never been the same. 

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