Abound in Love

Some days words in scripture jump out at me. They are words I know the meaning of, but what did God mean by them when He inspired Paul to put them on paper?

"And this I pray, that your love may abound still more and more I knowledge and all discernment." Philippians 1:9

–abound: verb: prevalent; great quantity…
–knowledge: noun: wisdom, gained first hand; personal understanding..
–discernment: verb: understand, act wisely, gain understanding…

As I apply the parts of speech (noun-person, place, thing or emotion. verb-action) I consider what Message God was truly sending via Paul to the church at Philippi.

Paul prays that the church (the people not the building) will love so deeply, so overwhelmingly filled by this deep passion for God, that it will overtake…consumer all with whom the church comes in contact. Paul prays (petitions God) that the church will be so consumed by the gospel that they continually seek first hand experience of the joy which comes only from the gospel. Praying that such first hand experience will drive them to continue to seek a passionate relationship with God, and consider how they can continue to gains greater understand of Our Father, and the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Lord, let my understanding of You, Your purpose and Your mighty will for me ignite a profound desire to seek You with fervency and a desperate need to know you more intimately than ever before. Let me be filled with You.

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