A Pearl of Trust

Do you remember being a kid and playing the trust game with friends? I can remember turning my back to my friends and having to trust that they would catch me when I blindly began to fall backward. I also recall never being able to fully trust that my friends would catch me. I think it was the snickering from behind me that cause me to lack trust. There was something about their behavior that made this chick lack trust that they really would catch me.

Trust is a powerful word. It’s also multifaceted; trust is both a feeling and an action. Not only is it felt deep within your heart, but also resides in the mind. It’s about believing…knowing with certainty that someone will do what they say they will do. Trust can make and break relationships. I believe that is exactly why God placed this “pearl of wisdom” immediately following virtue.

Yesterday we strung our first “pearl”…virtue, onto the strand of wisdom each one of us should wear as godly wives. Virtue is all about being a woman of strong moral character. She is connected to God, intelligent, and capable. It is those traits that are rolled together to create the pearl of virtue, and in turn make a woman incredibly valuable to her husband. Today’s “pearl of wisdom” goes on to explain why virtue is so important.

Pearl two is all about trust. “The heart of her husband safely trusts her; so he will have no lack of gain.” (Proverbs 31:11) A wife who is trustworthy provides her husband a firm confidence that his wife will do what is right. She is a faithful woman, both to God and to him. In his ability to trust, he will never lack anything of value in his life.  Why? Because trust is the most valuable ingredient in any marriage. Trust means that her husband can have confidence in her moral character. He knows with certainty she will always be truthful, faithful, and that she desires is to enrich his life.

My God is mighty and faithful. I can trust Him at all times. In my life it is my desire that my husband feels the same about me. I want him to know that he can always trust me.  Trust provides a sense of security for him, and a confidence that any decision I make for our family always has his best interest at heart. Yes, I’m not perfect. Yes I mess up and sometimes drop the ball, or burn the biscuits, but because of the way I live my life my husband always knows that I do my very best to be like Jesus, and that he can confidently trust me.  Oh, and when I do happen to burn the biscuits, he incredibly forgiving about ordering pizza because he knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that it wasn’t intentional…because I take pleasure in being faithful to him.


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