Even if…

Sometimes your greatest blessings can come from the most unexpected places and experiences. Recently I had the distinct joy of attending a women in ministry retreat with a young woman I’ve been disciplining. Chelsea has the sweetest spirit and a tremendous love for the Lord. (She has approved me sharing this story with you.) This Read More

Ripples that Reach Forever

When is the last time that you stopped and watched a tiny pebble drop into a pond? What about a single drop of water meeting the surface of a tub of still water? Stopping to watch take time. Something of which I am lacking, or shall I say was lacking until a few days ago. Read More

SOAK in the Word

Bible Study has become such an immense part of my life that I can’t help but get excited and want to share it! I look forward to my quiet time each day when I can read, study and talk with the Lord. For many years now, I have utilized the SOAK (also known as SOAP) Read More

Why Do We Suffer

So often we ask ourselves why suffering happens. Why do bad things happen to good people? Why do we suffer life’s storms? The reality is that even Jesus suffered. Our perfect, sinless, Son of God endured suffering while He walked this earth. Yet there is a God ordained reason for suffering. Paul writes in 2 Read More

Grow Part 1

In 2015 I began praying about my “word” for the year. Does anyone else do this? I pray as the current calendar year is approaching an end that God will provide me a word by which to live for the new year. It’s not a resolution. Rather, it’s a guide for what God has in Read More

Hebrews 12.1

Endurance Training

When I hear the words endurance training, I immediately think of a runner completing a rigorous series of workout sessions. They demonstrate heightened awareness and focus of what goes in their mouths, as well as which exercises in specific order that will provide their desired results…stamina. Faith, like any race in life, requires endurance; the ability to Read More

Goin’ Fishing

I’m not much of a fisherwoman in my own right. I’ve never baited my own hook and stood on the lakeshore with my line in the water. It’s just not something that ever appealed to me. It could be because as a young girl my Dad and my Uncle shared ownership in a fishing boat. Read More

What does it really mean to be anxious for nothing?

Stop worrying! You are not accomplishing anything constantly worrying. I can’t tell you how many times in my life I’ve heard those words. My husband is famous for asking me, “Can you change it?” Usually followed by my low mumble of a “no”. “Then let it go!” He reminds me over and over again of Read More

Joyfully Broken

Walking down stairs doesn’t require an academic degree, but it does require degree of coordination. Apparently on this particular Thursday, I lacked the coordination necessary to properly descend the staircase. I had my hands filled with a few things from my upstairs craft room. Nothing too big, just nail polish and a few papers. As Read More


Are you one of those people who tries to take care of everyone else? An encourager, cheerleader, spouter of celebration? As one encourager to another, I find it easy to become overwhelmed. Sometimes you pour so much of yourself out in caring for others, that you find yourself dry, empty and in need of filling. Read More