What is Conscious Communion?

Yes, I am a book geek. Even in this age of digital media and paperless books, I’d much rather have a paper book in my hand that I can touch and smell. See…only book geeks smell their books! I love to flip pages, write notes in the margins, and highlight. I truly cannot read a Read More

Romans Bible Study Chapter 9 Discussion

Join me as we complete our overview discussion of Romans Chapter 9. It’s all about God’s love, mercy and purpose for us!

You Lord

Do you take time to reflect on what you’ve read in God’s Word? One of my study tools, which aids in my connection and reflection of a passage, is to make it my own.  I add words like I and my in place of your, their and our.  Psalm 17 spoke volumes to my heart and Read More

Romans Chapter 8 Bible Study Discussion #2

Join me as we walk through verses 4-11. Embrace the reality that in Christ Jesus, there is no condemnation. That means that we are FREE from our chains. No longer are we in bondage. No longer are we guilty. For our sin has been forgiven because of the shed blood of Christ Jesus. In this Read More

Romans Chapter 7 Bible Study Final Discussion

Join me as we focus on what it means to be carnal, and how to strengthen our walk while preparing for temptation. God’s Word is filled with hope, direction, and Word on how to prepare for battle with the enemy.

3 P’s of Prayer

Prayer is a holy business. So often, we approach it like God is a holy vending machine. We think if we drop in our quarter and specify which item we want, it will appear. God doesn’t work like that. Prayer is about growing a relationship with God. It comes through intimacy; closeness with God. I Read More

Aching and Breaking

Sin was once rampant in my life. I really didn’t know the difference between being a sinner and being a human. Then, the realization that Christ Jesus died for me, and for me sin pierced my spirit. The deepest parts of me began to ache. It had nothing to do with concern for breaking God’s Read More

At the Midnight Cry

I’d truly be lying if I tried to say that life over the last months have been easy. The journey has been something I could never have imagined even if I tried. During the whirlwind of life that overtook me when Dad was diagnosed with cancer, and passed away, God stretched me to the point Read More