Cookies for generations

Spritz cookies, Russian Tea Cakes and Poviticia Bread.  As I stand at the kitchen counter adorning my tree and flower shaped cookies with sprinkles and glittery sugars my mind travels back in time.  I remember so clearly standing in my Gram’s wood-paneled kitchen, with orange and brown kitchen carpet beneath my feet.  It was Christmas, Read More

Psalm 30:11-12

Etching my identity

Etching.  It’s a process that requires repeated scratching.  Sometimes even acid is used to powerfully etch a design into metal.  Etching is abrasive, corrosive, and ultimately damages the material being processed.  Yet once the process is complete, and the damaged parts are wiped away, what remains is stunning…beautiful…breathtaking.  Etching leaves an impression behind that is Read More


Shining through the darkness

Feeling frazzled, disappointed, rejected, overlooked, and sorrow filled? My friend Debra Paulk wrote in her joint devotional with Judy Bone, “Stir Up Some Sweet Life”, words that remind us of our God given job even in the most difficult times. Press into God! Fall into His loving promises, dig into His mighty Word, and TRUST Read More


Anticipation of a Miraculous Arrival

Is your Christmas tree up?  Well adorned with all of the glittery baubles and balls, and twinkling with the gorgeous glow of hundreds of lights?  Is everything perfectly placed?  Are your gifts wrapped in the best coordinating paper?  Are you meticulously checking each person off of your list as you hunt for that perfect gift? Read More


Time to Let Go of the Lemons

“Arise, shine: For your light has come! And the glory of the Lord is risen upon you…”. Isaiah 60:1  Christmas is a difficult time of year for me.  It’s a time where I can forget to shine, and let my light grow dim.  Not because I’m a Grinch, but because of memories of Christmas’s past. Read More


God With Us

Jesus is a man…fully God, fully man, who walked on this very earth.  He stepped in the dust and among the pebbles that remain today.  He woke and slept, ate and drank, cried and wiped away tears.  He died on a cross one horrible, dark day.  Three days later, He rose again and walked among Read More