Luke 22:31

Why is all of this happening?

Here I sit, facing a second major surgery in 6 months time.  Why on earth is this happening? Not only has the pain been overwhelming, but frustration has been brewing in my spirit.  I’m weak and worn.  I’m also so unwilling to admit that this whole situation has me down.  I’ve begun to wonder if Read More

God hears our cries and delivers us!

Rather than writing today, I decided to create a short video devotional for you on the beauty I have found in Psalm 107.  Jesus is a mighty Savior!  Our Lord always shows up!  Just call out to Him, and He will deliver you.

Psalm 103


Dust.  I’m sure you dislike it as much as I do.  Right up there next to my annoyance with dust, is the necessity for it to be removed.  Everyone must feel the same way.  Television ads are continually filled with ways to remove dust more efficiently from your humble abode.  Product after product is introduced Read More

Follow the path

Dress for Success

I clearly remember when I was studying business administration in high school, way back in the stone age. One of the first things that my teachers drove home was that you must dress for success. If you look the part, then you will have a chance at getting the part. Back then, I learned that Read More

Psalm 107:6

Delivered from Darkness

Some days it feels like I’m sitting in the dark.  Like the world around me is moving more slowly than usual.  I feel the impact of every bump and bruise more significantly than on other days.  Even when it’s bright outside, the shadows find their place casting darkness upon me.  I think we all have Read More

Dwelling in the Pit

When did you realize you had value?

When did it change?  When did the years of believing I was unworthy, and lacked value suddenly change?  For as long as I could remember in my life, if someone asked me “Do you consider yourself valuable?” My answer would have been no.  I was walking through this life filled with the uns and the Read More

Joyful in Prison

Joyful in Prison

Joyful in prison?  Could you do it?  Over and over again in the Bible, we see that Paul was imprisoned for his faith in Christ.  Rather than turn his back on the Lord to save his own skin, Paul chose to be joyful. He wrote a large portion of the New Testament and ministered to Read More

Storm rolling in at the beach

Severe weather warning

Growing up near Lake Michigan was always interesting when severe weather would blow in.  The raging winds would bring about choppy waters.  Dark, foamy waves crashing upon the shore.  Visible boats riding a roller coaster of waves rolling high and low in the ever thickening drink. The clouds…oh the clouds. Dark…ominous, quite frankly, scary.  When that severe Read More


Believe in or simply Believe

I believe in God. I believe that He is the Creator of the universe, and that He spoke the planets into existence. I believe that He created Adam from dust, and Eve from the rib of Adam. I also believe that the Bible is the supernaturally inspired Word of God. That means, that while man Read More