Piled up Plates

Exhausted and frustrated

Do you ever find yourself at the end of the day exhausted and frustrated?  I’ve tried all day long to be a productive member of society.  Here I am still dealing with the physical pain and weakness from this ruptured disk.  The physical pain from my rheumatoid and fibromyalgia, and don’t even get me started Read More

Prepare My Heart

A work in progress

Do you ever find yourself yearning to hear from God?  Do you pray and wonder why He isn’t answering your prayers?  Do you ever wonder if He really hears you at all?  Have you ever considered the reason you’re not hearing from God is because you’re doing all of the talking?  That realization came to Read More

All about Faith

Why do we limit God?

If He puts an opportunity before me, rather than fearing I will fail God, I need to have faith in His mighty abilities.  If God desires to use me…you, in a situation, then He will equip me.  Oh dear Sister, how often I fail to put my faith in His abilities.  It is then that Read More

Exodus 14:14

Quit your crying and stay put!

I truly never thought I’d see the day when my Bible study time would bring me such laughter.  God knows I need laughter in my life right now, and He provided it in all places…Exodus!  Yes, Exodus.  You know…pharaohs, plagues, heading for the Promised Land.  Yes, that Exodus. I was reading Exodus 14:13-15 to prepare Read More


Angry and Frustrated Why Then Should I Rejoice

It was one of those days when I awakened agitated.  Just angry, frustrated and out of sorts.  Does that ever happen to you?  I was feeling defeated before my feet ever touched the floor.  Cranky, agitated, frustrated, and defeated.  Why can’t I just roll over and go back to sleep. I really have no desire Read More

being still

The heartbeat of God

  Deeply breathing in and out. Intentionally relaxing with each breath I take. I feel the stress drip from my fingertips. As I study God’s Word tonight, He speaks to me. It’s not an audible voice for others to hear. Rather, it’s a raining of the Holy Spirit that pours over me. It showers me, gently Read More

Hebrews 11:1

Stand Firm

Have Faith.  Two simple words we hear often, yet I think are truly misunderstood.  I absolutely love studying God’s word through Bible journaling.  It’s a opportunity for me to artistically connect with the Lord, and to better understand what He says in His word. This particular form of practice isn’t for everyone, but for me…I Read More

Isaiah 4110

Gunshots rang out, and fear melted away

Being shaken from a deep slumber by the sounds of gunshots is certainly not a sound anyone expects.  Was I dreaming or was it real?  Then I heard the sirens.  Are they coming this way?  Where are my glasses?  Is the kiddo ok?  Honey, did you hear those big bangs?  Gunshots.   Certainly not a Read More