Believing in…or simply believing

God’s mighty power is limited only by my faith or lack there of.  I hadn’t really thought much about the quantity of my faith before.  I have faith, shouldn’t that be enough? I mean God references faith approximately 18 times in Hebrews 11 alone.  Faith is an important factor in our Christian lives.  I have Read More

You Changed My Name

You changed my name!

Do you ever get that one song stuck in your head?  You know how it goes.  You hum it, sing it, play it over and over again.  You just can’t get it out of your mind.  Sometimes it’s frustrating.  You just can’t stop singing it!  What happens when that song is a message placed in Read More

Isaish 43:10 God Chose Me

Pick Me!! Pick Me!!

Pick me!  Pick me!  How often do you find yourself wanting to win something?  To be chosen is a desire we all have.  I can’t tell you how many of those Facebook like, comment and share contests I participate in on a weekly basis.  I want to win something!  I desire to be selected…chosen…set apart Read More

Join me for the February Bible Journaling artful worship prompt

I know that you are used to getting my devotionals in your email box, but I’m excited to share something new with you as well.  I’ve been blessed this month to create the artful worship creative prompt for our friends at His Kingdom Come.  If you enjoy seeing my art, then why not join me Read More

Light Bulbs

Yes I’m listening! No, I’m not hearing.

Do you ever have one of those days where you are ready to fight?  You know…one of those days when no one seems to be cooperating with your plans, and you desperately want to smack someone…in the face…with a chair? Y’all, today was one of those days!  Now, I could go ahead and begin listing Read More

Armor Bible journaling by One Christian Chick

Got armor?

As the missiles come so close to my head that the wind generated blows my hair, I am shaken back to the reality that I’m in the midst of a war.  Be careful where you step…be careful of any sudden movement.  This battle isn’t one fought by our military forces.  No, this battle is fought Read More

Bible Journalers Hand Lettering Basics #101 Class Now Online

Hello Dear Sisters in Christ, I just want to take a moment to let you know why I have been away from the blog for a few days.  I’m excited to announce the release of my fully downloadable Hand Lettering Basics class for Bible Journalers.  I’ve created it with those who want to improve their hand Read More