The Lord Spoke and the Heavens were made

His Fingerprints are All Over You!

Have you ever taken time to sit back and really consider what the “breath of life” is all about?  Really ponder it!  This week I found myself reminded over and over of the magnitude of my creation and existence.  Sounds like heavy stuff y’all, and in some ways…it is.  In other ways, it’s so uplifting Read More


Daily Devotion: Who am I? I am chosen!

“Moses asked God, ‘Who am I that I should go to Pharaoh and that I should bring the Israelites out of Egypt?” ” Exodus 3:11. Who am I?  Do you ever fall into the same trap Moses did?  I know I certainly do.  Here is God calling Moses to go.  God has a plan of Read More

We have weathered the storms!

The storm has passed, and you’re starting to get your land legs back.  You begin to look at the damage and destruction left behind in the storm’s path.  So much becomes visible when you are able to look back. Ways you could have better prepared, ways you might have been able to avoid the storm, Read More

January 24, 2016

God is performing a mighty work in your life. A work so unbelievably wonderful that even if He showed us His plan, and explained it over and over, you would not be able to believe that He had such an amazing plan for your life. It’s time to learn to trust that God’s plans for Read More

Don’t forget the One Christian Chick Website

Hey Y’all!  I hope you’ve had a fantastic week.  I’ve been working on updating the One Christian Chick website, and getting the Bible Journaling Photo Gallery updated.  Also, we have a brand new Etsy store where new items are being added daily. I just want to remind you to take a tour around the website Read More

Becky Gladhill Hello My Name is

Shaken and scarred

Are you starting to get your land legs back?  Finding the shaking in the knees starting to stop?  What about the feeling in the pit of your stomach that overwhelmed you during that storm?  There you were, shaking to the core, holding on to the wheel of your ship, and trying desperately to keep it Read More

More core shaking, then comes peace

The world is caving in around you. Things are happening that don’t make sense. You feel out of control.  It’s like holding on to a ship’s steering wheel covered in oil, as the harsh ocean waves bounce you around.  Slipping, sliding, desperately trying to maintain the course, and all you can do is pray.  Well, Read More

Philippians 4:6 Pray

Peace Calms the Core Shaking

Shaken to the core.  Earth shaking experiences happen to all of us.  Loss of a loved one, loss of a hope or a dream, changes in circumstances, and even forgiveness experiences can shake us.  Forgiveness can be core shaking? Absolutely.  Have you ever walked away from an experience thankful that it happened, yet wondering if Read More


Shaken to the core…Part 2

Who is your Daddy?  I’m not talking about your earthly daddy.  Who is your heavenly Daddy?  God put each of us on earth with a very specific plan for our lives.  I have two earthly fathers, but only one heavenly Abba who will never ever leave me.  That may seem simple to you, but for Read More

Praise Him in the storm

Shaken to the core…Part 1

When is the last time you had an experience that truly shook you to your core?  I’m not talking about being a little flustered.  No y’all, I’m talking about the foundation of the world as you know it shook.  Maybe it was a recent natural disaster.  We’ve had crazy weather that can do that in Read More