Isn’t the Moon Beautiful?

Last night was a total lunar eclipse, and a blood moon all in one night.  People flooded the news and social media with the overwhelming excitement of seeing these phenomena. Pictures were profusely posted on social media, as were assorted videos of footage where people took time just look at the moon.  The question is, Read More

A refuge and strength in the storm

Shorts and flip-flops on Christmas Day?  This has been a very strange Christmas in the South.  It was 78 degrees on Christmas Day.  I know it has been odd all over the country.  The problem with the warmth in the months that are supposed to be cold is the propensity for storms.  In the South, warm Read More

The gift of enough.

“I will be filled with joy because of You. I will sing praises to Your name, O Most High.” Psalm 9:2  This Christmas is different from any other in my life.  This year, God gave me an amazing gift…forgiveness.  If you’ve read much of my writing, you know that I had a less than desirable Read More

Dear sister, do you know?

One of my favorite Christmas songs has for many years caused me to think more deeply about the reality of the greatness embodied by that tiny body when Jesus was born.  For some, Mary Did You Know is a question which most certainly never needed to be asked.  Of course Mary knew that Jesus would be Read More

You can’t see the manger without seeing the cross

Tonight, I have no long contemplated thoughts, or deep word study.  I come to you with the simple reality of the manger and the cross. This Christmas, my time in God’s word has been far more substantial than any year previously.  Bible journaling stole my heart, and has led me to a much deeper relationship Read More


Going beyond embracing scars

I had the blessing of being asked to given the devotion at our ladies fellowship at church.  What topic would I speak on?  Immediately began praying, “Lord, what message will glorify you?”  Y’all know that for some time, God had been giving me the word “Abide”.  We’ve talked about steeping in Christ.  I even hosted Read More

Revisited: Oh How He Loves Us

Have you ever really stopped to think about how much God loves you?  I mean really sit and comtemplate it?  Tonight I was completing day one of my week of Bible study and reading in Exodus.  It’s here, in chapter 34 that God makes a covenant with his chosen people.  He says in verse 10, Read More


There’s WAY more to Abiding than just abiding

I am a word nerd.  How about you?  I love books, made out of paper.  I don’t dig the whole new age, read your novels on an electronic device gig.  Why?  Because this chickie is an extremely active reader.  I read with my book in one hand and a pen in the other.  Maybe it’s Read More


Embrace your scars

The appendix is a funny organ.  When functioning correctly, no one realizes it is there.  When that joker starts to act up, everyone knows it is there!  I’ll never forget sitting in the waiting area of the emergency room screaming in pain.  Seriously y’all, I’d rather have another child without drugs than ever go through Read More

A Favorite Revisited: All because of a tree

I’ve been leading a ladies Bible study, with what I call, a twist.  We are following Priscilla Shirer’s “One In a Million”, with the added fun of Bible journaling thrown in.  We are learning to use journaling as a way to connect to God’s scripture, and what he is saying to us.  Last week, I Read More